S’pore Supermarket Boss Foots Late Employee’s Funeral Expenses to Repay Her Contributions to the Company

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While some of us might complain about our bosses on a daily basis, there’s no doubt that there is no shortage of good employers in Singapore.

And this boss of a particular company (no, not Sheng Siong in this case) definitely falls under the category of being a good boss.


After one of his employees passed away due to health complications, he chose to step forward and pay for the funeral expenses.

Here’s what happened, and which supermarket this boss owns.

Employee Had Stroke 2 Years Ago

When speaking to 8world, the employee’s mother surnamed Cai (hanyu pinyin) revealed that her daughter had actually suffered a stroke around two years ago.

Her daughter, 39-year-old Liu Fenni (hanyu pinyin), also discovered that she had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar and stage four kidney failure while being hospitalised after the stroke.

Even though she started taking medication, her condition worsened and she passed away from cardiac arrest last Monday (12 September).

Prior to her passing, Liu had been working at the supermarket for around a year.

Boss Offered to Pay for All Funeral Expenses

Cai then recalled that her daughter’s boss at U Stars Supermarket offered to pay for all of Liu’s funeral expenses, which amounted to approximately $10,000.


For those who aren’t familiar, U Stars Supermarket is a supermarket chain that has supermarkets at various locations such as Choa Chu Kang, Woodlands, Yishun and more.

Initially, Cai declined the kind offer but her daughter’s boss insisted, saying that it was to “repay” Liu for her efforts and contributions at work.

Initially Worked for Another Supermarket but Switched to Work at U Stars

Before she started working at U Stars Supermarket, Liu was actually an employee of another supermarket.

While she was working there, her work ethic and abilities impressed the boss of U Stars Supermarket, prompting him to offer her a job at his supermarket which she worked at for approximately one year afterwards.

Cai then expressed her gratitude for her daughter’s boss and his assistance, as well as for how he affirmed her abilities.

Apart from that, she also shared that the boss would check in on Liu regularly to ensure that she was doing alright.

He also decided to transfer her from the Punggol outlet to the one in Choa Chu Kang as he was concerned that the workload at her original outlet was too heavy.

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Boss Declined to Comment Further, Paid for Another Employee’s Funeral Last Time As Well

When contacted by 8world, the boss of U Stars Supermarket expressed his sorrow over Liu’s passing but did not wish to give any more comments regarding his actions or the incident as a whole.

However, Cai revealed that he also offered to foot the bill for another employee’s funeral expenses when the employee passed in 2021.

Cai also spoke highly of the boss, whom she met on multiple occasions. According to her, her daughter’s boss is a kind and charitable man.

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Featured Image: 8world (Provided by Interviewee) + ustarsupermarket.sg