Uber Driver Tried to Shame Passenager Online But Backfired When Passenger Came out to Defend


Last Updated on 2017-07-27 , 10:03 am

Before you use social media as a outlet for you to air your dirty laundry, perhaps you should also consider the fact that people can, too, come out and give their own side of the story.

And in the case of this Uber driver, this was also how he got pwned by his passenger.

In an article from firstlane.com.sg, the Uber driver first posted an uncensored picture of his passenger’s family online with details of what happened during the trip. In the Facebook post, he even asked his fellow driver friends to be ‘aware’ of that family.

Image: firstlane.com.sg

The driver allegedly said that the family ordered the Uber car and caused trouble for the driver when he refused to pick them up as they had two children with them, but there were no baby seat in the car. When asked to leave the car, the family did not even close the door for the driver.

The post was also published in the Uber/Grab Facebook page.

However, instead of siding with the Uber driver, many people were pissed with him as he forgot to mosaic the faces of the victim he snapped.

However, the passenger saw the complaint posted online and came up with another story.

Which made people very puzzled because this was a totally different story from what the driver has said. If you didn’t read through the wall of text, here’s a summary:

  • Uber driver told the family that he won’t accept the booking if the family was going to a place that was too far
  • Uber driver thought that to go to Woodlands to Holland V was too far, and passenger told Uber driver to cancel booking so that passenger won’t be charged with $6 cancellation fee
  • Uber driver shouted at passenger
  • Boot door was open, which passenger has initially wanted to use, but passenger didn’t close it
  • Uber driver came out to close it, and ended the whole thingy with this sentence: “I feel sorry for your kids for having such parents.”

So, who do we believe then?


Well, for a start, this is the Internet. We should believe that whoever posts first might not be the winner after all.

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This article was first published on Goodyfeed.com

Featured Image: Worawee Meepian / Shutterstock.com

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