Ukraine Company Removing Road Signs So Russia Forces Will Lose Their Way

It seems like the message from the Ukrainian border guards to the Russian warship on Zymiinyi Island have caught on, because the line “Go f**k yourself” has never been more popular in Ukraine.

Ukravtodor (Укравтодор), an Ukrainian company responsible for building and maintaining roads, requested all local authorities and road organisation to remove all the road signs that could be used by the invading Russian troops to find their way around the country.

It doesn’t matter if it indicates the name of the settlement or points towards it; as long as it’s giving directions, it needs to be taken down to cause maximum confusion. 

Both countries might be used to the bitter cold, but no one likes having to trek in the wrong direction in two-feet deep snow, okay? 

In a Facebook update on Friday, the company wrote, “The enemy has poor communications, they cannot navigate the terrain. Let us help them get straight to Hell.”

The Beauty in Simple Profanity

In lieu of the correct directions to the nearest cities on the road signs, the company edited the descriptions to unabashed expletives, which can be translated to:




You know, I actually don’t doubt that the third one really points the Russian troops back to where they came from.

Alternatively, ‘ХУЙ’ in some contexts, can also translate to ‘Hell’.

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Dismantle The Road Signs

Alas, while the edited road signs are funny, Ukravtodor is advocating for all roads signs to be dismantled, not replaced.

They probably won’t have the resources to put up these updated road signs.

If it ever does happen, however, the road maintenance company can indulge in the pleasure of knowing that they probably ticked off a Russian soldier or two with their antics.

Having satellite imagery to keep them on their correct warpath or not, being greeted with profanities every three miles will undoubtedly get hackles rising.  

Nevertheless, it is a bit of childish ingenuity to light up the grimness of Ukraine’s situation. 

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Featured Image: Facebook (Укравтодор)