Man Caught on Camera Stealing Umbrella Outside Restaurant During Heavy Rain

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These days, the sky could not stop crying.

Despite the weatherman repeatedly telling us about the rain, some people still chose not to bring their umbrellas out and ended up stranded in the rain.

That is why you can see various umbrella sharing schemes around Singapore. However, if you are in an area with no such scheme and you have somewhere to be, you only have two options:

  • Brave the rain
  • Call a cab / PHV

Naturally, this man decided to go with option three: steal an umbrella.

Man Caught on Camera Stealing Umbrella Outside Restaurant During Heavy Rain

On 10 Dec, around 3.14pm, a man was caught on CCTV footage stealing a regular customer’s umbrella.

In the 1-min-24-sec-long footage posted on Tasty Court’s Facebook page, the man in a white shirt, white pants, black shoes and a black cap entered the frame.

He wandered around outside the shop before making his way to the white pillar. There stood a man in black using his phone. After a while, the man in black left the sheltered area, bracing the rain.

The man in white wandered back to the entrance of the shop. He gazed upon the dark blue umbrella leaning against the wall, seemingly plotting his crime.

After observing his surroundings, he makes his move. He headed straight towards the umbrella and picked it up by its handle. As quickly as he reached for the umbrella, he head out towards the rain and disappear from the frame.

Aside from posting the footage, Tasty Court also posted a warning asking others to “look out for the man.”

Yup. For an umbrella.

Police Report Made

Aside from the warning Tasty Court made in their caption about this man, they also made a police report.

They asked their customers and followers to contact them if they had seen the umbrella thief.

In the police report, it states that the umbrella belongs to a regular customer who had visited their restaurant at around 1pm. It was raining heavily and presumably, the customer did not want to wet the floors so they asked the service staff to help leave the umbrella outside of the place during their meal.


After the meal, the customer left the premises, forgetting about the umbrella. They later called the restaurant, asking them to help keep the umbrella that was left outside of the restaurant.

When the service staff looked for the umbrella, it was missing so they decided to check their CCTV footage. That was when they spotted the thief.

Some netizens feel that making a police report over an umbrella was a waste of police resources while others feel that it is the right thing to do.

Tasty Court replied to a netizen saying they went ahead with the report for they do not want to be held responsible for similar cases in the future.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Tasty Court Pte Ltd)

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