Uncle Allegedly Kicked 5YO Boy On Scooter, Then Slapped His Face ‘For No Reason’

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Singapore never fails to amaze me with the amount of strange people doing the weirdest things.

Or if you want to talk about weird places…maybe Yishun? Nothing against the estate though, just pure coincidence.

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In today’s episode of Weird Things Singaporeans Do, we’re covering something quite triggering :

A man not only kicked, but also slapped a little boy, for no reason at all.

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FYI, this happened in Sengkang, not Yishun.

What happened

Five-year-old Jovian was at a mini-mart with his maid at around 9am on Jan 6.

The man suddenly appeared out of nowhere and kicked Jovian, who was riding on a scooter then, according to Stomp.

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Jovian then quickly got off his scooter and went over to find his maid who was waiting outside.

Just when you thought the weird man was gone, he returned later, and slapped Jovian in the face this time round.

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Fortunately, the domestic helper intervened, preventing the stranger from doing anything else.

Luckily, all of these were captured on the mart’s CCTV.

Finding the man

Once homed, the maid told her employers about the incident.

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Vivien and her husband quickly rushed down in hopes to find the man, but he was already nowhere to be found.

What the police did

The first thing anyone would do is to call the police right? So that’s what the couple did.

The boy’s mother, Vivien Chan talked about the incident on her Facebook page.

Here’s what happened:

“Police was called and they arrived 25min later, nothing was done as they claimed they will file case and wait for further instruction, however they did leave a number so that if we manage to come across the attacker, Police will come and arrest him.”

“About evening time, after medical check for Javion at hospital to assess his injury, we managed to come across the attacker. Thanks to keen eyes from the earlier witnesses. ”

“We didnt confront him but follow him and learnt the level he is residing. We immediately called the Police, as instructed with the given number. ”

“Three police man arrived, however no arrest was made, police claimed that they cant do anything to him!!!”

“Despite repeatedly requests and questioning and reasoning, only things we get from the Police were shit attitudes , yet they only said pending for instruction from the respective IO MR HUZAIR. My husband called the Investigation officer and told him what had happened, yet the only response from him is “Have you said enough? I’m busy”.”

“We had tried countless alternatives, calling 999 again, SK police center, nothing seen to work.”

Hmm…this wasn’t the reaction I had in mind.

What the police had to say

”On Jan 6, 2018, the police received a report that a 5 year-old boy was slapped by an unknown man at Block 182A Rivervale Crescent. Based on the preliminary details and statements of the parties concerned, the case was classified as Voluntarily Causing Hurt, under section 323 of the Penal Code, Chapter 224, which is a non-arrestable offence.

“The Police have interviewed the man and have engaged the parents of the boy to provide updates on the case.

“Investigations into the case are ongoing. The Police take a serious view of such incidents involving vulnerable victims like children and the elderly, and will not hesitate to take action against the perpetrator.”


Obviously the man who hurt Jovian was wrong.

Even if he did something to annoy you, that doesn’t give you any rights to physically hurt a child!

And please, he’s only 5, do you even know what you’re doing at 5?

I would say I’m also kind of displeased with how the police treated this matter, if things were really the way according to what Vivien said.

But nonetheless, I agree that the police has their own protocol and can’t just go around arresting people just because we want them to.

Well…what do you think?

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