No Surprise, Just Images of Car-sharing Cars Kana ‘Abused’. Or Kana ‘Bang’


It has been barely a month since the first electric car-sharing service, BlueSG launched in Singapore and people are already abusing the service.

Although if past experiences with transport-sharing services were anything to go by, we kind of saw it coming.

What happened

On 31 Dec, a netizen uploaded pictures of two damaged Bluecar to a Facebook community group, SG Road Vigilante.

The first car has a broken car plate alongside a dent on the front.

Image: SG Road Vigilante Facebook

The second car has a dent at the side of the front bumper and someone was creative and angry enough to create a dust mark that read, ‘Hey Faulty!!!”.

Image: SG Road Vigilante Facebook

There was also another post on Singapore Taxi Driver, depicting a Bluecar being towed away, though it is unclear as to what happened prior.

Image: Singapore Taxi Driver Facebook

With the caption that read: This time really blue liao…. So fast breakdown….

What will happen if the car is towed

According to the site, the user is charged a fee for associated administrative costs and retrieval of the vehicle.

Additionally, if there is any ticket or minor traffic offence that leads to a fine, the driver bears the responsibility.

BlueSG also provides insurance coverage—the minimum amount required by the law but the driver is responsible for the deductible.

Judging from the first picture, the driver might had to pay excess to whoever he hit.



It is still considered to be in its infancy stage but looking at how things are going, you shouldn’t be surprised if you spot a Bluecar in a longkang, as mentioned by this netizen:

Image: SG Road Vigilante Facebook

In an interview, they mentioned that the customer can contact their call centre through the blue button in the car if the car is facing any issues where they will be either assigned to another Bluecar or fix the issue.

From OFO bikes to BlueSG, when will the abuse stop?

Since you’re here, why not watch a video about a guy who lodged a Police report here in Singapore because he was friendzoned? Seriously. Here, watch it and do remember to share it (and also subscribe to Goody Feed YouTube channel)!

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Featured image: SG Road Vigilante Facebook / Singapore Taxi Driver Facebook