Unhappy Couple Wrote 30-Page Critique To Their Wedding Photographer

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Anyone who knows me personally knows that I don’t like to appear in photos. I’m not sure why, maybe I inherited it from my mom.

Image: Tenor GIF Keyboard

However there are times when I really want to take one for memory sake. Like crazy adventures, graduation day…those kind of stuff.

Image: The Road Trip Guy
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Moving on from youthful times, when taking wedding photos, people usually hire a professional photographer, instead of just selfie-ing away.

It’s one of the meaningful occasions where the whole family dress up and get ready to have (lots of) their pictures taken.

Image: Calgary Wedding Photographers

The Chinese elderly always say that daughters are meant to be only married once. Hence, it is no surprise that the pictures have to be perfect.

In a rare incident, a newlywed couple from Hong Kong had their pictures taken by a professional (?) photographer.

However, what’s supposed to constitute a happy memory turned into a nightmare.

When the couple received their photos, they were more than shocked to find out that their pictures are nowhere near presentable.

Angered, they wrote a 30-page critique to inform the photographer of his mistakes.

Not sure if they’ve done research specifically to put him on the spot, but they really went all out!

Bringing in technical terms like “Rule of Thirds”, the couple even drew grids to pinpoint his teeny tiny mistakes.

Image: World of Buzz
Image: World of Buzz

You might think that the couple is just overreacting, but wait till you see this:


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The bridesmaid’s head is cut off from the picture!

I wonder what this person was doing when he sent them the pictures?

At least we know that the couple was angry for a very good reason.

What the netizens say

Some were on the photographer’s side:

Image: World of Buzz
Image: World of Buzz

And one came up with the perfect solution to end all misery:

Image: World of Buzz

So do you think the couple is overreacting, or are they making sense?

Also, what are some of the most bizarre wedding photos you’ve ever seen?

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