Unlimited Xiao Long Bao & Hotpot Buffet Available At Bugis Cube From $25.80++


Did I hear the word “unlimited”?!

Oh, you poor little restaurant right at Bugis Cube… You don’t know what you’re getting into with that offer.

It’s too late to take back that offer now because I’ve already gathered my boys and we’re marching towards the restaurant right as I’m writing this article.

Me and the boys when we hear “buffet”. / Image: Giphy

And if you’re wondering why I’m so eager to rush there without even completing the article, just look at what they have to offer.

All-you-can-eat Hand-made Xiao Long Bao

Image: Facebook (SingaporeBeauty)

That’s right. It’s not just all you can eat, it’s even hand made. And then you’re probably thinking why the Xiao Long Bao so colourful one.

Here’s why: they make it with freshly pureed fruits and veggies.

Image: Facebook (SingaporeBeauty)

Yep. It’s natural flavour and colouring at work there, with the likes of spinach, carrots and buckwheat.

9 Handcrafted Dishes

You better be loving the word “hand” here, cause at this particular restaurant they seem to like using it to make their food.

And there’s 9 of these very specially handcrafted versions, including the Xiao Long Bao.

Image: Facebook (SingaporeBeauty)

Woah. What’s this? Can eat meh?

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Those are sliced meat crafted as dresses for the doll.

Oooh so like Nyotaimori. Kinky, I like.

I definitely don’t know what Nyotaimori is, but here’s a pic for you perverts of the handcrafting process:

Image: Facebook (SingaporeBeauty)

And that’s just one of the handcrafted items. They have other things like pandas.

Image: Facebook (SingaporeBeauty)

Yin Yang Prawn Paste.

Image: Facebook (SingaporeBeauty)

And a Clover Platter made from prawn, pork, fish and beef.

Image: Facebook (SingaporeBeauty)

In total, everything adds up to…

60 Variety Of Items

Image: Facebook (SingaporeBeauty)

For the hotpot, you can choose from 8 types of soup.

The buffet’s got unlimited seafood of which you can choose from prawns, scallops, mussels, hum, la la, sotong and fish.

Image: Facebook (SingaporeBeauty)

But we haven’t even gotten to the meat of the discussion yet. Cause there’s also free-flow Shabu Shabu meat…

Image: Facebook (SingaporeBeauty)

…which are tediously sliced to order.

Image: Facebook (SingaporeBeauty)
Image: Facebook (SingaporeBeauty)

Is there even more that you can ask for?

Image: Giphy

But I’m Not Done Yet

If you have at least four people, you get to order their frog dry pot, with a choice of Mala, Miso or Pickle.

Image: Facebook (SingaporeBeauty)

If it’s your birthday, they’ll even handmake a fruit basket for you!

Image: Facebook (SingaporeBeauty)

But let’s talk a little bit about Mala. Cause I know you’re already perspiring and feeling stressed from having too many choices here.

Their Mala is made from 30 different herbs and spices.

Image: Facebook (SingaporeBeauty)

And requires 4 hours to make.

Image: Facebook (SingaporeBeauty)

Now that’s an obvious choice to make for the soup base.

Stop It And Tell Me Where It Is Already!

Alright then, alllright then.

Image: Facebook (SingaporeBeauty)

The name is Jiu Gong Ge (九宫格火锅), and here’s the address:

470 North Bridge Road, #01-02, Bugis Cube, S188735


Buffet operating hours:
Lunch: 11.30 am till 3 pm daily
Dinner: 3.30 pm till 2 am daily

Phone no.: 63383405

And you’d probably also want to know about the price.

Lunch: 25.80++
Dinner: 28.80++
Min 2 to dine.
Kids (<1.1m) Free Of Charge
Kids (1.1-1.4m) 15.90++
One/two/three soup base

So…How Big Is Your Stomach?

I’m not saying that I will destroy your business and profit margins with my insatiable appetite but…

Jiu Gong Ge, you’ve offered the buffet. Don’t regret when you see a certain Goody Feed writer waltzing into the stall now.

Image: Reddit (u/zakhalford)


This actually happened. Image: Washington Post

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