US YouTuber With 2.4m Subs Thinks SG McDonald’s is The Best-est in the World

Image: YouTube (Strictly Dumpling)


Singapore has been the best-est in a number of things. Both good and bad.

We have the best-est airport in the world.

We have the most powerful passport in the world (at one point).

And the most ignorant people on planet earth.

Well, whether you like it or not, we have yet another best-est entry to add to the list.


And it comes from an American dude reviewing an American Fast Food Chain in Singapore.

Meet Mike Chen

Image: YouTube

Mike Chen is a food blogger that travels around the world in search of food.

He has 5 YouTube channels, one of which is Strictly Dumpling, which has 2.4 million subscribers.

Image: YouTube

Yes, he’s a pretty big name in the YT food community.

If you find him familiar, that’s because he already did a video on Singapore’s food last year.

Let’s just say he had a poet of a time.

But anyway, back on track. He’s back again and this time, he did a food review on McDonald’s Singapore’s food.

Missed Out On A Buffet

The video started with him trying to get into a Ritz Carlton buffet. Unfortunately (for Ritz Carlton, that is), he didn’t manage to get in.

Which was when he decided to eat at the McDonald’s at Marina Square.

Image: YouTube (Strictly Dumpling)

I mean, if you missed out on a buffet, just go to McDonald’s. Why not, right?

By the way, don’t be misled by this guy’s size.

He eats a lot.

His Order

Image: YouTube (Strictly Dumpling)

Here’s what he ordered:

  • Prosperity Beef Burger
  • Prosperity Chicken Burger
  • Latte Himalayan Tea (Medium)
  • Two Peach Pies
  • Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Burger
  • Latte Green Tea (Medium)
  • McSpicy
  • Double McSpicy
  • Ha Cheong Gai Chicken Drumlets

And according to the video, it amounts to S$48.60 (~USD 35.72).


What’s This Massive Thing?

One thing that he’s consistently amazed at (at least in the video), is the size of the food items.


Yes, guys, size matters.

But then again, that could be because he mistook McSpicy for McChicken.

Image: YouTube (Strictly Dumpling)

If that dude ever caught on and bought the real McChicken from Singapore’s McDonald’s, he’ll probably throw the camera at the counter staff. #TrueStory

The Best-est McDonald’s Meal Ever

Have you ever heard guys say, it’s not the size that matters, it’s how you use it? Well, McDonald’s Singapore has proven that they have the size, and the know-how to make you feel more shiok than Maria Ozawa.

Image: YouTube (Strictly Dumpling)

The peach pie is crispy, flakey with a strong aroma of peach that doesn’t taste artificial. We have a writer who wrote on the peach pie and said it tasted like Yeo’s Peach drink during CNY. Guess the writer can pack his stuff on Monday liao.

And he was beyond impressed by the Prosperity burger’s sauce.

Image: YouTube (Strictly Dumpling)

He compared it to a favourite dish of his and called McDonald’s “ingenious” for coming up with that.

Image: YouTube (Strictly Dumpling)

Even the McCafe latte didn’t fail to impress him.

Image: YouTube (Strictly Dumpling)

This is by far better than anything you can get from Starbucks. Quote-unquote.

So he’s had a good impression of the food. So?

Wait, we haven’t got to the meat of the video.

The Star of the Show

Thankfully for us Singaporeans’ pride in our tastebuds, the star of the show was revealed to be…

*drumroll, please*

Buttermilk Chicken Burger

Image: YouTube (Strictly Dumpling)

This is really McDonald’s because I’m Really Lovin’ It

According to Mike, this is the best-est sandwich he’s had. Not just out of the meal. Not just in Singapore.


But the best damn sandwich he’s ever had in any McDonald’s around the world.

The fluffy buns. The slightly peppery mayonnaise. The crispy chicken and the milky cheese just does the job for him.

And finally, to end things off in the video, he only had one question for McDonald’s.

Why is McDonald’s in the United States so bad?

McDonald’s Singapore, he claimed, was the best-est McDonald’s meal for him. Even Japan.


If you want a different perspective on Singapore McDonald’s food, why not watch his video below.

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