V from BTS & Jennie from Blackpink Have Reportedly Broken Up Before V’s Military Enlistment


BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie: The End of a Rumoured Romance

Sometimes, the loudest agreements are those that remain unspoken.

This has been exemplified in the ongoing saga of V and Jennie’s dating rumour, a topic of speculation for the past two years, yet without any formal acknowledgment or denial from either party.

Many say they are the true embodiment of “Haters gonna hate”. 

In December 2021, observant netizens spotted that V had followed Jennie on his newly minted Instagram account.

This action, albeit brief as he soon unfollowed her, set off the power couple’s romance tale.

Fans inundated Jennie’s Instagram with a barrage of angry comments, notably pleading, “Leave V alone.”

Come May 2022, on the picturesque Jeju Island, a photograph featuring a man and woman, both donning sunglasses and seated in the front seats of a car, piqued the curiosity of many.

Image: Instagram (@dailyfashion_news)

The man bore a striking resemblance to V, a member of the globally renowned BTS, while the woman appeared to be Jennie from the sensational K-Pop girl group Blackpink.

At this point, many were supportive of the power couple, since the groups they belonged to are all top-selling acts.

BTS ranks among the world’s top-selling musical acts.

And Blackpink? Should BTS be considered the premier male act, then Blackpink would be their female counterpart.


Given such immense popularity, it’s hardly surprising that social media swiftly unearthed the purported couple.

The contentious photo circulated widely, spawning debates over its authenticity.

Despite questions about whether it was real or edited, the rumour mill was already in full swing.

Adding fuel to the fire, V was also a guest at Blackpink’s private listening party for their second studio album, “Born Pink,” in September 2022.

What further bolstered belief in these dating rumours was the silence from Jennie’s agency, YG Entertainment.

Their statement, “We have nothing to say. We will inform you if we have a different response to share,” did little to quell the speculation. BigHit, V’s agency, opted for complete silence.

And then, in May of this year, V and Jennie were seen hand in hand on the streets of Paris.

A TikTok video uploaded on 17 May captured the couple enjoying a leisurely stroll along the river, their identities partially concealed by their hats.

Image: Instagram (@taoualit_amar)

Their clothing was the giveaway. Both had shared images on Instagram earlier that day, wearing the same outfits as those in the controversial photo.


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Yet, public reaction was muted.

By this time, skepticism had waned, although some still clung to the notion that the photos could be AI creations.

This theory, however, found little traction among the masses.

Amidst these swirling love rumours, we now confront the supposed conclusion of this controversial romance.

Yes, everything remains alleged in the absence of explicit confirmations.

The power couple has reportedly parted ways, just ahead of V’s impending military enlistment.


Both 27, the couple is said to have ended their relationship recently, as per a report by South Korean media outlet JTBC on 6 Dec, citing insider sources from the entertainment industry.

V’s enlistment in the military is set for 11 Dec, alongside BTS members Jimin, RM, and Jungkook.

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment announced on 6 Dec that Jennie, along with the other Blackpink members, has renewed contracts with the agency for “group activities”.

So, what’s your take?

To this day, the entire saga of their romance might still be shrouded in rumours, or perhaps there’s truth in the whispers.


The certainty remains elusive, leaving us to choose which narrative to believe.

Regardless, it’s a tale with its own beginning, middle, and, for now, an end.