Video Showing Asian Celebrity Lookalikes Would Confuse Ang Mos

Image: Zheng A Fei Facebook Page

Lest you’re unaware, there’s a shit ton of celebrity lookalikes in this world. Sometimes it’s by choice…

Image: HuffPost

…and other times, it’s just genetics.

Image: Hello!

But more often than not, it’s a combination of both. And what better video to showcase that striking ideology, than this video of Asian celebrity lookalikes really embracing their glamorous selves?

Image: Zheng A Fei Facebook Page

And no, that’s not actually Nicholas Tse.

I think.

Image: Giphy

Too many doppelgangers in one video

Before I go any further, I highly suggest that you go through the video.

Because I’m pretty sure that’s what you clicked for at the start anyway.

But if your 3G/4G is at that point where it will leak if you absorb any more, here’s a picturesque display of the more prominent ones.

Andy Lau Jr.

Image: Zheng A Fei Facebook Page

Wakin Chau (previously known as Emil Chau, also known as the 朋友 singer)

Image: Zheng A Fei Facebook Page

Nicolas Tse himself.

Image: Zheng A Fei Facebook Page

Oh wait, that’s not him?

Ip Man

Image: Zheng A Fei Facebook Page

Legend says he’s not satisfied with fighting 10, and that he wants to ‘wing chun’ the hell out of Thanos instead.

The Mandopop king

Image: Zheng A Fei Facebook Page

This is scary, indeed.

The Saint of Gamblers

Alright granted, this one’s more of a choice than genetics, but I gotta give him props for fooling me from the first instant.

Peter Tay meets a Genie who helps him wipe off three of his past mistakes. You won’t have expected what he wished for for his third wish. Watch it here:

Image: Zheng A Fei Facebook Page

And the (going-to-be-ex) face of Alibaba.

Image: Zheng A Fei Facebook Page

A man of many talents, it seems that Jack Ma can now add the quirk of ‘Bike Master’ to his ever-expanding list.


The video, which was posted by Facebook user Zheng A Fei last Friday (7 Sep), has garnered close to 240K views so far. It has also collected over 190 comments, and 8K shares.

Image: Zheng A Fei Facebook Page

While most of the Netizens were busy tagging their compatriots, some remarked how similar the impersonators look to their celebrity counterparts.

Image: Zheng A Fei Facebook Page

Translation: The Andy Lau lookalike looks like someone who looks in Goody Feed

Real Translation: I’m speechless about the fake Andy Lau

Image: Zheng A Fei Facebook Page

Although I can see what they’re getting at. Like…

Who’s who again?

Image: Giphy


Speaking of lookalikes, I wanna touch on a phrase the Wise Old Man has always preached:

“If you see your doppelganger, you will die.”

Come on, that’s an old wife’s tale. I’ve seen Andy Lau in real life and I’m still alive. My colleague said he’s met Song Jongki in real life in a kopitiam and he’s unfortunately not dead.

But even so, there have been weird stories. Like how Queen Elizabeth I was rumoured to have witnessed a corpse-like figure of herself lying on her own bed. And how Percy Shelley saw his doppelganger and died a few days later in a sailing incident.

Image: Imgur

Kind of makes you wonder about your favourite celebrities if they ever saw their doppelgangers.