Vincent Ng Returns to Acting & Will Star Along Another Six-Pack Bufflord, Zheng Geping

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Vincent Ng, the actor turned wushu champion and coach, is making an acting comeback, according to Shin Min Daily News on Sunday (19 June).

Image: (Vincent Ng 翁清海)

Reportedly, the former actor, who had left Mediacorp in 2007 to focus on his martial arts school Wufang, has signed a two-year contract with Singapore media company 8028 Holdings.

It’s been nearly ten years, but now he’s back. 

The New Action Film “Deleted”

The last time Vincent Ng was seen on the television screen, he was 46 and starring in the Channel 8 drama called The Dream Makers.

His newest project is an action movie called Deleted, which is being produced by 8028 Holdings, in conjunction with another local media company, Artistes Marketing Asia.  

True to form, Ng will be showing off his wushu moves and washboard abs, which could be a highlight for his old fans to look forward to.

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Among the known cast of Deleted is veteran actor Zheng Geping, who is filling the roles of male lead and producer.

There are other well-known names too: such as Singaporean actor Zhu Houren, Malaysian actors Henly Hill and Fattah Amin, and Taiwanese actress Tien Hsin.

Reportedly, Deleted is a film about human trafficking, which is already an interesting concept as a plot device.

Image: (Vincent Ng 翁清海)

Although the filming of the action movie wrapped up in 2020, its release was postponed because of the pandemic.

It will be officially released between September and August, in theatres in Singapore and nearby regions.

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