Hawker Who Sold Viral $11 Cai Png With Fish Explains Why It is So Expensive


Cai Png is a favourite of many Singaporeans, mainly because it is super convenient and affordable.

This man ended up buying $11 cai png and labelled it as robbery, and the hawker has since responded.

$11 For Rice, Fish and Yong Tau Foo Dish

Reddit user Dagachi_One shared on 15 June that he paid $11 for cai png at an Ang Mo Kio coffee shop.

Sharing a picture of the lunch he got, it consisted of rice, fried mackerel fish, and a yong tau foo dish.

Image: Reddit (Dagachi_One)

His post read, “I paid $11 for lunch this morning. I bought this from a neighbourhood market. I know fish is expensive but come on is this too much. Inflation or robbery?”

For some context, a cai png meal usually costs around $3 to $4. If one orders a seafood dish, it is expected to add a couple more dollars to the total.

Needless to say, $11 is way out of the usual price range for cai png, and many netizens were understandably shocked.

Image: Reddit

However, some netizens pointed out that the items of fish and yong tau foo were considered “premium” items, and that the portions were pretty good. To them, $11 seemed reasonable.

Image: Reddit

Well, you no longer need to speculate why this cai png is so expensive, as the hawker themselves have spoken up.

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Fresh Fish, Not Frozen Fish

The owner of “Ah Jie Mixed Vegetable Rice” told 8World that she only buys fresh fish instead of frozen fish. The price of the fish is thus much more expensive than other cai png stores.

The owner, Ms Cai, also shared that the fish fillet purchased by Dagachi_One was about $8, and that the yong tau foo was about $3, which was how the meal became $11. She didn’t even charge for the rice or the packaging.

Ms Cai added that frequent customers of her stall are aware of the prices of her items, and pointed out the popularity of her stall: “People come to buy my food all the time, and I only have few items left today.”

Evidently, her frequent customers are willing to pay a higher price for fresher ingredients. Ms Cai also said that even though she didn’t indicate the price of each dish, if a customer wants to know, they can always ask.

Additionally, if an item had a price increase recently, she will also take the initiative to notify the customers.

So there you go: this wasn’t a case of daylight robbery, but a case of fresh ingredients versus frozen ones.

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Featured Image: Reddit (Dagachi_One)