Everything About Hellbound, The New Netflix K-Drama That Could be the Next Squid Game


Last Updated on 2021-11-24 , 11:10 am

If you’ve gone outside since 17 Sept this year, you’d have seen hordes of people on the streets with emptied buckets of popcorn, staring into the distance, looking sad and bored.

It’s now been discovered that these people are suffering from a new ailment called “Squid Game Blues”, which typically occurs after finishing the first season of the Netflix show Squid Game and rewatching it four times.

Symptoms include:

  • endlessly searching on Netflix for a similar show
  • painful boredom
  • an inability to work or do anything else
  • a strong desire to buy red or green jumpsuits

Fortunately, a cure is currently being developed for this disease, called Season 2. In the meantime, here’s another show which you might be interested in.

Everything About Hellbound, The New Netflix K-Drama That Could be the Next Squid Game

Now, when you hear a name like “Hellbound”, you’d probably assume that hell or the devil is involved in some way, right?

Well, you’re right. Here’s what the show’s synopsis says:

“A story about otherworldly beings who appear out of nowhere to issue a decree and condemn individuals to hell. These supernatural events cause great mayhem and enable the religious group The New Truth to grow in influence. A few people, however, become suspicious about its activities and begin investigating its involvement in mysterious events.”

In short, it’s a dystopian world where people are randomly sentenced to death and later transported to hell due to their “sinful” ways. The ghostly presence which announces this to the unfortunate souls will also reveal their time of death, which could happen within seconds or in a few years.

That’s… terrifying. Nice.

However, those sentenced to die aren’t just majestically carried to the skies. Instead, large beasts appear out of nowhere, violently kill the person, and burn the bodies before dragging their souls to hell.

Religious fanatics use this inexplicable phenomenon to propagate their own beliefs, saying that this is God’s way of punishing the wicked. The most fanatical of them then form their own cult called the New Truth, which hopes to establish a new world order.

Some similarities with Squid Game include green jumpsuits, mysterious VIP guests wearing masks, and a cop with good intentions.

I shall say no more.

Created by Train to Busan Director

Need another reason to watch Hellbound? Well, the show was directed by Yeon Sang-ho, the very same man who directed Train to Busan.

Hellbound is actually based on a webtoon called The Hellbound, which has been dubbed “the most shocking piece of work in the history of webtoons.”


Hellbound premiered yesterday (19 Nov), which means you can watch it right now. Still unsure if it’s the show to treat those Squid Game blues? Have a look at the trailer:

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