Wah, There’s a Primary School in S’pore with No Drink Stall to Fight Diabetes


Remember the good old days, back when you were still in school? (Maybe you are still in school. I’m feeling old already)

One of the best moments during school has got to be recess time, right?

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Yeah, it was when you get to fool around with your friends and perhaps play soccer or something(Seriously, what do kids play nowadays?).

Or, if you’re one of the horizontally challenged ones like me, you’ll buy a bowl of noodles and a nice big cup of –

Cup of… nothing?

Yeah, that’s right. A cup of nothing. That has been the norm for students of Riverside Primary School since 2013.

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I know what some of you are thinking. Poor kids, amiright? But as always, allow me to explain the situation.

In a move against Diabetes, Riverside Primary School has decided to completely remove the drink stall in the school. The principal of Riverside Primary, Mrs. Sharon Siew, has also voiced her views regarding this issue.

“We have always advocated the drinking of plain water and for everyone to bring their water bottles every day, and to refill them at the water coolers all around the school. Consuming too many sugary drinks may also spoil the children’s appetite. We have to start at a young age so that it becomes part of our lifestyle.”

Well, it’s hard to argue against that. Truth be told, over consumption of sweetened drinks might’ve been the main reason why I was fat as a kid.

Looking back, I remember drinking at least two cups of Pepsi daily when I was in primary school. Yeah, back in my days, soft drinks were allowed. You jelly?

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Perhaps it’s because I’m older now and fully understood the harmfulness of sweetened drinks, but I am actually very much in support of this. Just like the parents. (Oh no, I’m thinking rationally, someone help me!)

Parents and students of Riverside Primary have also shown their support on Facebook by leaving supportive messages on the Facebook page.

Vending machines have also been removed from the campus, and students who did not bring their bottles can receive mineral water from the school’s general office.

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Not bad sia, they’ve really thought this through leh.


All in all, as much as we can argue how this might deprive the kids of their childhood… Well, they can’t actually miss what they never had, right?

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