Wang Leehom’s Ex-Wife Claimed He Had Cheated with Many Other Women During Their Marriage


Lest you’re unaware, singer, Wang Leehom and his wife Li Jinglei have recently confirmed that they had filed for a divorce. A short statement released on his Facebook page stated that despite the divorce, they “will always be family”.

He regrets not doing enough in the marriage and he will not make further comments on the matter.

Naturally, the media decide to overanalyse his behaviours over the past few years and feed on rumours, claiming one of the reasons for the divorce was Li not being on good terms with Wang’s mother.

Li finally had enough and released a nine-page Instagram post and a long statement on her Weibo account, detailing Wang’s infidelity during their marriage.

And it’s a bombshell account.

Wang Leehom’s Ex-Wife Claimed He Had Cheated with Many Other Women During Their Marriage

According to Li, their relationship has always been rocky with various third, fourth and even fifth parties strolling through. In fact, when Wang was courting Li, Wang was together with his ex. They broke up soon after and Wang focused his target on Li.

After they got married, Wang expressed his wish for many kids so Li fulfilled his wish with three kids, and her Wang baby booming factory would have continued if Wang had been loyal to her.

During their relationship, Li claims that Wang cheated on her with various women, some of them were his “friends with benefits” while others were prostitutes.

Some were even his “staff members”.

Shanghai Concert

After a concert in Shanghai, Li claimed that Wang was uncontactable because he was drinking with one of his sex partners. Photos of Wang kissing the partner and the partner’s breast pressed against him was found afterwards.

Even after Li and Wang were married, Wang still wanted to live the bachelor life and stay in contact with the woman, breaking his promise to Li. The woman sent him nudes on his birthday which he “happily responded”.

She even posted an Instagram photo calling Wang “hom hom” and exchanged “flirty messages” with him. The Instagram post is now deleted.

Aside from this lady, Li claimed Wang also have another sex partner who is married with kids, and they would work together to lie to her husband. Similarly, Wang and the sex partner will continue to flirt even if they were in Wang’s house.

When Li confronted Wang about it, Wang became pissed and retorted that they should not have Christmas parties in the future if that’s the case.

Staff Members & “Friends”

Wang’s dance instructor was also not spared. Li found a message where the instructor was upset because she thought they were together.

Another “friend” also cried an hour in Li’s presence because she also thought she was in a relationship with Wang.


Li also found out that Wang kept a record describing the characteristics of the prostitutes he solicited. Some of the records resembled his female staff as well.

Despite Li’s forgiving nature, Wang still wanted a divorce for according to Li, he was worried that he would meet a girl he likes and do not want that girl to be called a homewrecker.

When Li refused to divorce, Wang changed and tried to bully Li, making her the “bad cop” in front of their loved ones.

Not There For the Kids

Li noticed how Wang was always absent on their kids’ birthdays or important holidays, and how he would not come home for months. This affected the kids as well.

Eventually, with everything piled up, Li agreed to the divorce.


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How They Met

It all started when Wang was 26 years old and Li was 16 years old. Wang decided to court Li despite her being underage.

Li let down her defences and even had sex with Wang because he was her idol. The next morning, Wang told her he didn’t want the relationship.

Li also since found out that she was merely one of those “friends” Wang “collected” while he travelled around to different cities.

Additionally, Li also claimed that Wang also solicited with various prostitutes as well, and that she has video proof of the incident.

When confronted, Wang admitted that he has a problem and he “cannot control himself”. Li, being reasonable, expressed her desire to part ways but Wang refused.

He claimed that she would be his future, the “only one” he would choose. He spent weeks leaving voice messages saying he would change his ways.


Eventually, she gave in and they got married in 2013. The couple has three children, aged seven, five and three.

Married Life

Before they got married, Li had to sign an unequal prenuptial agreement for Wang wanted to protect his property. According to Li, Wang’s house belongs to Wang and his car belongs to his mother.

According to Li, everything was “transferred away” because Wang was afraid Li will take advantage of him since she was 10 years younger. Despite the unequal agreement, Wang ensures that he provides enough for his family.

Li also stated that she was not the one who controlled his money and she hoped that he would see it clearly.

Throughout her marriage, she also help him as much as she could being the “bad cop” in the relationship against the world while he held his position as “good cop”.


However, that went down the drain when they divorced and Wang “slandered” Li to protect himself. This was after Wang promised to protect her when the divorce made the news.

After the broken promise, Li decided to stop upholding the role of the “bad cop” and let it rip, which is what you’re reading now.

Li posted the exposé to prevent other women from going through what she went through despite Wang asking her “not to destroy (his) showbiz career”.

According to Li, if his showbiz career was affected because of this or any other matter, it was because of the choices he had made and not because of her.

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