Person Who Allegedly Knows Wang Leehom Now Gives A Different Side of the Story


The Wang Leehom Saga is still not over yet, as more and more people step up to give different sides of the story.

This time, a netizen who allegedly knows Wang’s staff member has stepped forward on Weibo to refute some of Lee Jinglei’s claims. With receipts.  

Before we get into the Weibo post, you can check out these two summary videos about the entire Wang Leehom Saga to refresh your memory: 

The anonymous netizen posted a summary of what allegedly actually happened from the staff member and Wang’s perspective. 

Here are the five main points broken down for you:

Cheating Allegations Were Not True

The netizen said that staff members stayed next to Wang’s hotel rooms. Given how the staff worked closely with him, they believe that they would have realised it if he had been secretly meeting with others. 

If anything, the staff members can affirm that they had never helped to organise any meet-ups for Wang. 

Furthermore, the staff member reportedly said that Wang turned over a new leaf after marrying Lee, and was a playboy before marriage but never after. 

This is because he allegedly placed his career at the top of his priorities, even above love or his family. With reputation being of such high importance for his career, the netizen reasoned that Wang could not have possibly cheated on Lee after marriage. 

BY2’s Yumi’s Text Not Evidence of FWBs, But Was Instead for Work

Singaporeans have been taught to substantiate our claims with evidence recently, haven’t we? This netizen, though probably not Singaporean, took this lesson to heart and pulled out the receipts. 

The netizen shared that Yumi’s text to Wang in 2015 was purely for work, instead of the scandalous conversation that Lee painted it to be. 

What about the explicit profile pic of Yumi? Well, it was apparently not hers. 

A screenshot of Yumi’s text log with Wang shows that Yumi had reached out to him only for professional reasons: to record a promotional video to be played at a Beijing press event for BY2’s seventh album. 

The netizen further added that Lee had not submitted any evidence of Wang cheating to the court despite it being a way to award Lee more assets, and claimed that it was all because she didn’t actually have any real evidence.

Wang’s Reasons for Initially Not Giving Lee the House

Wang and Lee had apparently already agreed upon a 50/50 split for their shared assets. 

The netizen added that although Wang may be rich, he isn’t that rich to the point where doesn’t mind losing more than 50% of their combined assets. 


Wang felt that if Lee got the house, she would have received more than a 50% split of their assets. This was why he initially disagreed to give Lee the house that she and the children are living in.

Wang Afraid That Lee Would Take Drastic Action If He Exposed Her False Accusations

The netizen claimed that Wang had been advised by his staff to go live and address Lee’s accusations once and for all, but Wang decided not to. 

His reason? He was afraid that if he keeps on fighting with Lee in the public eye, she would react drastically and hurt both herself and their children. 

Wang also apparently felt that Lee has psychological issues and is very extreme, thus he chose not to personally react to any of the drama and let the police handle it instead. 


Isn’t that, erm, rather similar to a messy high-profile divorce in Singapore? #justsaying

If what this netizen says is true, it changes the internet’s perspective of Wang greatly, to one that is silent because he is guilty, to one that is silent to protect his own family.

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Wang and Lee Stayed in Contact

Lee accused Wang of not speaking to her since 19 December last year, but it seems like both of them were actually in contact all along. 

Her proof of Wang refusing contact with her was that he rejected five of her calls in one day, but the netizen shared that there was actually a reason behind it. 

Wang’s most common mode of communication is audio messages, so when Lee made the calls, it deviated from their usual style of contact. Wang thus did not receive Lee’s calls as he had not been prepared for them. 


So, What Will Wang Do Now?

Due to this scandal, the netizen claimed that Wang would take a “three to five-year” break from the entertainment industry. Sounds like a parallel of Show Luo’s reaction to his own scandal, doesn’t it? 

Wang’s agency has not responded to Taiwanese media’s enquiries to verify the contents of the post.

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