Barbie Hsu’s Ex-Husband Had Upset Stomach While Livestreaming & Eating the Food He Was Selling

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Livestreaming can be considered a form of performing art, where the streamer has to constantly improvise and entertain the crowd.

Some have found their own niche, like veteran getai Wang Lei who swears like a sailor and sells fish or manages to bring in large sales by parading around in a pink bra and white skirt.

Wang Xiaofei, however, might need to work a little more on his timing when it comes to promoting his own food products…

Because having to rush to the toilet three to four times after consuming the food you just made never leaves a good impression on the audience.

The Unfortunate Diarrhoea of Information

Although the 40-year-old Chinese businessman has his emotional woes after his divorce with Barbie Hsu, his business ventures are doing just fine as he has recently opened a new restaurant.

In order to promote said restaurant, Wang Xiaofei brought his food products onto Douyin (China’s equivalent of TikTok) for a cooking demonstration, even fashioning himself in a navy-blue chef jacket for the occasion.

Everything was going fine until he ate the Sichuan boiled beef noodles he just cooked because he suddenly came down with a bad case of stomach-ache.

In some of the screen captures taken by 8world News, he could be seen clutching his stomach at multiple instances.


Worse, he had to make a mad dash to the toilet three or four times during the livestream, much to the alarm of his 20,000 viewers, who started to doubt the quality of his products, of course.

His behaviour certainly doesn’t inspire confidence in his products.

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The Show Must Go On

In an attempt to salvage the situation, he explained that his stomachache was due a cold that he caught while sleeping the night before—um, just what kind of colds are you catching?—and it isn’t because his products are subpar in quality.

To further reassure his potential customers, he brings up the strict policy that the platform upholds when it comes to food, where vendors have to compensate nine-fold for any inferior products sold.

Even if Wang Xiaofei is a relatively successful businessman, that’s not a financial burden that he can shoulder, especially when he hasn’t earned much from this venture.

His lack of revenue stems from one simple reason: it will take some time for him to breakeven on the initial sunk costs of production since he’s currently offering the new products at discounted prices, probably to encourage more customers and purchases first.

That’s the whole point of promoting it on a livestream at first, after all.

Lastly, he exclaims, “If this boiled beef is really expired, or there are problems with the product, I will refund you nine times the original price. Everyone can buy the beef without worries. My stomachache is just a coincidence!” 


If that explanation makes you sleep better at night, who are we to dissuade? 

We’ll keep our scepticism and listen out for the reviews done by the brave souls who dare to buy the product first, thanks. 

Not sure if packaged Sichuan boiled beef noodles is worth several painful sessions clinging onto the toilet seat, that’s usually left to Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge. 

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