This Wasp Nest in Upper Changi Road Will Make You Cry


There are a number of things that make you go W*F: stubbing your toe on a chair’s leg, watching your cooked octopus dance on its plate, and your mum looking through your Internet browsing history.

And then there are those special things that just make you go,”F***ING FAT AUNT MATILDA’S KEYCHAIN”.

Like this.

Image: Stomp
Image: Stomp

****ing hell.

Image: Imgflip

Oh it’s not Satan’s necklace?

This delightful piece of art’s actually a wasp nest, and it was spotted by a Stomper (with his son) on September 24 at around 11am.

Located at the bus stop in front of East Village Shopping Mall, the Stomper said that the nest measured about 30cm. How he came to that conclusion, I don’t know, and I don’t want to know.

The Stomper actually caught the abomination – I mean beautiful ice cake on camera.


As he was filming it, he noticed more wasps flying it. Well I don’t know, Mr Stomper, but I think that might have been a good time to get the hell away from there.

This guy’s got balls of steel, I’m telling you.

If it was me I would have drawn my katana from the nearest Singpost delivery box and hacked that demonic thing down in one strike. Gotta kill them before they breed.


The generic wasp nest looks like this.

Image: Kitchen Stewardship

Which makes you wonder how the wasps created one that looked like an office tie.

Image: Stomp

Food for thought, hmm?

One possible explanation is that the wasps adapted the structure to the base they were given. This means three things: they are pretty creative; they can work with anything; if they evolve we are dead.

The situation’s unclear but so far, there have been no indications that the nest had been eliminated. Which is good news for the wasps, but bad news for every human being living near there.

Well, I don’t need to tell you, right? Avoid this bus stop near Upper Changi Road if you value your life.

Even if you’re a professional risk-taker and was dared to touch the nest or commit seppuku; for your own sake, I think you should choose the latter.

And to the professional bee keepers and wasp keepers and pest exterminators and whatever, please, for the sake of humanity…

Image: Imgflip


But anyways, if you’re really afraid and has decided to declare Upper Changi Road as the new Yishun, don’t.

It can be uncomfortable after you get strung by one of these cute creatures, but most people would recover from a wasp sting without any complications.

So this is one of those that look scary but aren’t dangerous.

But still, if a number of them sting you…then #GG


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