Watch How Female Driver Ran Over Pedestrian, Then Stopped and Danced Near Body for 10 Minutes


Last Updated on 2017-08-06 , 10:47 am

It could be a rite, it could be an action motivated by panic or she could just be that happy, but it’s still plain horrifying. After all, who would run over a pedestrian, then stopped the vehicle to dance near the body?   That allegedly happened in Zoucheng, Shandong province on 10 August 2016.

Sped Straight Towards Pedestrian

According to Shanghaiist, a female driver accelerated and sped towards a pedestrian on the road. The pedestrian flew onto her windshield and the car travelled for another 200 metres before colliding with another vehicle and coming to a stop.

Alighted and Danced Near Body

The female driver alighted from the car before proceeding to dance near the body for ten whole minutes, even when the Police reached the scene of accident.


The pedestrian was pronounced dead on the way to the the hospital. driver-2

The Driver wasn’t Drunk

The female driver was detained by the Police but no reason was given for her behaviour. They did, however, confirm that she was not drunk.

Looked Insane, Actually

At the end of the video, an unnamed man went around interviewing witnesses to the incident. When asked if the vehicle exhibited any erratic movements before the incidents, an eyewitness replied that the that stood out was the car speeding up. Another eyewitness said that the woman looked insane. driver-3 A video was uploaded on YouTube showing the woman dancing near the body and eyewitness accounts. Just a warning, it’s pretty creepy.


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Featured Image: YouTube (People’s Daily, China) 

**All images are screengrabs from the video

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