There’s A Website That Has Live Updates About Wuhan Virus Infection & Death Rates


Truth be told, the Wuhan Virus or coronavirus has been spreading all over the world at an alarming rate.

At first, news reports were only updating the situation over in Wuhan such as how the coronavirus stemmed from the market selling wild animals in Wuhan and various speculations and comparisons to SARS.

Slowly though, the virus began spreading all over the world and cropping up in other countries like Australia, France, Malaysia and Singapore.

Figures keep climbing and at the time of writing over 130 deaths and over 6000 cases all over the world, with most being in China.

With so many news reports and information floating all over the internet, it would be immensely helpful if someone came up with a concise website to update the numbers and latest news so we don’t all drown in it.

Well, someone did.

There’s A Website That Has Live Updates About Wuhan Virus Infection & Death Rates

If you’d like to stay updated with the latest figures, you’ll be pleased to know that there is a website created by The Base Lab that summarizes everything you need to know.

Firstly, they present the latest statistics on the number of confirmed cases (infected), the number of people that have died (deaths) and the number of countries or regions that have been plagued by the Wuhan virus thus far.

Image: The Wuhan Virus

It even comes with a handy map to give you a visual of areas that are more badly hit.

Live Updates Categorized By Country/Region From Reputable Sites

The website also gives you a global outlook and the latest news categorized by country or region.

Image: The Wuhan Virus

The best part? They only feature reputable sources like Channel News Asia and Reuters so you won’t have to worry about being fed fake news regarding the Wuhan Virus.


Wuhan Virus Compared To SARS

Image: The Wuhan Virus

Now if you’ve been reading the news, you’ll know that the health authorities have been comparing the Wuhan virus to the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) because the latter was also a novel coronavirus.

Thus, the website also included a useful comparison between the number of SARS cases and casualty rates compared to the Wuhan virus, complete with a graph.

Pretty handy I must say. You can access the website here to stay updated with the latest global Wuhan Virus news.

In the meantime, do remember to practice good personal hygiene and to visit a doctor if you feel unwell.

Also, don’t buy and hoard all the masks.