Snack Sold in S’pore Suspected of Having Flour from Weed Removed from Sale


If you’ve never been the kind of person who checks the packaging of your food before gobbling it down, now might be the time to start.

Just yesterday (6 January), the Central Narcotics Bureau announced that it has pulled a vending machine snack from vending machines in Singapore as it allegedly contains traces of hemp.

And if you’re wondering what’s the product in question, here it is.

It’s a snack named Piranha Power Pack, which contains an assortment of snacks such as nuts, seeds and crisps.

It even has a four-star health rating on the packaging, which also goes to show that looks are deceiving.

Like that toxic ex who claimed to be the best person you’ll ever meet in your life.

Based on its packaging, it is also advertised to have hemp and Omega-3. One of them’s great for your health, but the other? Not really.

And here’s why.

Why Hemp = Weed

According to the CNB, the Piranha Power Pack was removed from vending machines as it is suspected to contain hemp seed flour.

For those unaware, the botanical name of the hemp plant is Cannabis Sativa.

“This means that all hemp proteins, fibre, seeds, oils etc[.] that are derived from the hemp plant are derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant.

“Despite the product labels indicating otherwise, any product derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant or its seeds can contain controlled drugs such as Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive chemical substance in cannabis that causes users to feel “high”, CNB explained in its Facebook post.

CNB warned that “numerous reports” have shown that using products made from the Cannabis Sativa plant has “adverse health effects”.

In Singapore, cannabis and products that contain it are listed as Class A controlled drugs in the First Schedule of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1973.

“Singapore adopts a strict policy of zero tolerance towards controlled drugs. The importation, exportation, possession, sale and consumption of controlled drugs or products containing controlled drugs – even in trace amounts – are offences under the Act,” CNB mentioned in its statement.


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As for the Piranha Power Pack product, CNB added that it is an imported product. Hence, it has contacted the company that imported it to remove it from sale.

In addition to that, investigations are ongoing.

“CNB reminds importers and retailers that any product containing hemp derivatives should not be imported for sale. Anyone who purchased the Piranha Power Pack snack should not consume it and should dispose of it,” CNB added.

If you are suspicious that a food product or substance might contain controlled drugs, you can reach out to CNB via their hotline at 1800-325-6666 for advice and assistance.

Alternatively, you can file a report with CNB here.


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Featured Image: CNB + BMS ORGANIC