Weirdest CPR Scene from Mediacorp Medical Drama Went Viral for All the Wrong Reasons


Mediacorp tends to receive a handful of roasty comments on their shows but even so, they still push out episodes and people still watch them.

But one scene from a recent ongoing series on Channel 8 has caught the attention of netizens again, and it’s not for something good.

A netizen recorded a scene and uploaded it on a subreddit page, r/singapore.

In the clip, a doctor played by Zhang Ze Tong was giving CPR to a patient on a stretcher. But what stood out was the unique way he was conducting the procedure.

Instead of pumping his weight onto the patient, he bobbed his head.

The music in the hospital must’ve been wild.

Mediacorp even did a YouTube short and used the “BBQ Le” background music aptly.

Redditors started leaving comments at how he should’ve learnt proper CPR and were criticising the standard of Mediacorp productions.

Some wondered why nobody said anything about the scene during filming.

But one user mentioned that it was practically impossible for the actor to conduct proper CPR anyways as it could’ve resulted in breaking the ribs of the actor playing the patient.

Image: Reddit

Another also noted how Zhang actually had the proper form, straight arms, interlocked fingers and proper shoulder placement, and that he could only bob his head as it was a drama.

Image: Reddit

In a subsequent Reddit thread, Zhang was seen giving CPR again but this time with better angles, with without any patient below him.

The procedure was much more realistic but one viewer left a comment saying that doctors no longer wear white coats, adding on to the list of disses for Mediacorp.

Image: Reddit

And yes, that is true. Watch this to the end and you’d understand:

Mediacorp’s First Long-Form Drama

Starring Herman Keh, Zhang Ze Tong, Ann Kok and Chen Han Wei, Healing Heroes is Mediacorp’s first long-form drama.

The drama follows four aspiring junior doctors whilst they learn to grow with senior specialists as they face life and death and overcome challenges on their way to becoming professional doctors.


The series is still ongoing and currently has 34 episodes.

You can catch it on MeWatch.

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Featured Image: Mediacorp