Pedestrians Slipped & Fell After Lorry Apparently Spilled Wet Paint on Changi Road


Yesterday (27 November), a road in Singapore was turned white.

And no, it’s not because it snowed in Singapore.

Instead, it was due to a large amount of white paint being spilt onto the traffic junction between Changi Road and Joo Chiat Road.

Here’s what happened.

White Paint Spilled at Traffic Junction, Paint Allegedly Spilt by Lorry

When speaking to Shin Min Daily News, a resident surnamed Pan (Hanyu pinyin) shared that a large amount of white paint had been spilt all over the road above at around 1pm yesterday (27 November), turning the road “white as snow”.

The 48-year-old, who was left shocked at the sight, suggested that the paint spill might have occurred after a paint can fell from a lorry carrying a large amount of paint.

When Shin Min reporters arrived at the scene at around 3pm that day, the road near the junction was still white. Cars that passed by also ended up with white paint on their tyres, which expanded the area stained by the white paint.

Relevant personnel had also set up five road barricades by then to contain the area affected by the paint, but members of the public were still allowed to walk through the area. There was also a lorry in the middle of the barricaded area.

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Many People Slipped and Fell Into the Paint

Mr Pan also told Shin Min that a lady in her 30s or 40s slipped and fell right into the white paint while crossing the road shortly after the paint spill, which caused her entire body to be stained white.

After falling into the paint, the lady was at a loss when she stood up before walking away afterwards.

A staff member of a nearby store also shared that a male cyclist also fell into the paint but did not sustain any injuries.


On the other hand, an employee from a nearby biscuit store revealed that she found out about the incident after hearing her customers talk about it. According to her, the lorry spotted in the middle of the barricaded area had ended up there as the driver was unaware of the paint spill.

Afterwards, the relevant authorities sent personnel to clean the road, but they could not completely remove the white stain.

Reporters also spotted a paint bucket near the affected stretch of road. The bucket was believed to have been moved to the side of the road after the incident.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News