Teen Caught on Camera Climbing into Dryer at a Whampoa Self-Service Laundry & Spoiling It

While trying to trap a friend in, and while the friend was trying to get out of the dryer, two teenage boys managed to dislodge the glass panel of a dryer.

When we say boys will be boys, we certainly didn’t mean to include the destruction of property in that. 

Here’s what happened.

Climbs Into Dryer Not Once, But Twice

On 27 January, MAMA Laundry posted about “an act of mischief” on their Facebook page.

The laundromat at Whampoa Drive revealed that on 23 January at 8:23 pm, two teenage boys and one teenage girl entered the laundromat.

In the CCTV footage posted, we can see a boy in a green shirt approaching one of the dryers and opening the door. He then calls his friend over and convinces him to climb into the dryer.

Image: Facebook

The friend, a teenage boy in a blue shirt, climbed into the dryer with his legs sticking out, presumably to stop his friend from closing the door.

Image: Facebook

He then gets out of the dryer but is somehow convinced to go into the dryer again. This time, the boy in green placed one leg into the dryer, acting like he was going to go in too. This prompted the blue-shirted boy to tuck his legs into the dryer.

Of course, the boy in green doesn’t enter the dryer and instead closes the door to trap his friend inside. The boy inside the dryer then uses his legs to stop his friend.

Image: Facebook

Dislodges Glass Panel, Runs Away

The boy in the green shirt can be seen pushing his weight against the door, while the boy in the dryer used both legs to try and open the door.

Image: Facebook

This causes the glass panel to dislodge, and the boy in the green shirt quickly runs away.

The boy in the blue shirt then makes it out of the dryer and tries to fix the dislodged panel. However, after failing to reattach it twice, he gives up and walks away.

Image: Facebook

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Laundromat Owner Makes Police Report

Labelling the boys’ actions as a “very dangerous act”, the laundromat owner then says that they do not condone abuse nor misuse of their machines.

They’ve filed a police report against the two boys and a female friend who was not pictured in the footage but was recording their actions.

You can view the Facebook post here:

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Featured Image: Facebook (MAMA Laundry)