Drink Stall Hawkers Allegedly Sabo-ed Each Other Over Expired Beer


Last Updated on 2023-02-02 , 8:08 pm

Did you know that beer has a 180-day shelf life?

Two drink stall hawkers at People’s Park Food Centre (珍珠坊小贩中心) argued after one party repeatedly called the cops on the other for selling expired beer. This case got so severe that there may be a defamation suit soon.

Here’s what happened.

Accused Other Stall of Selling Expired Beer at Below Market Prices

A female drink hawker, Ms Wu, told Shin Min Daily News that a customer complained that the beer they bought tasted sour. She checked the beer bottle, only to realise that it was expired beer from another nearby drink stall.

Worried that customers may fall ill after drinking expired beer, she called the police thrice over such incidents.

Ms Wu said that the other stall sold expired beer to customers and sold them at prices below the market standard, disrupting business.

“For instance, a box of 12 bottles of Tsingtao beer is more than $30. We would then sell five bottles at $20, but they’re selling seven bottles at $20. This makes it difficult for us to do business.”

New Year Promotions

In response to Ms Wu’s accusation, the boss of the other drink stall, Mr Liu, stated that he only started taking over the beverage stall on 19 January.

He explained that they had promotions to celebrate the Lunar New Year, which was why they sold the beer so cheaply. Additionally, they may sell beer close to the expiration date on promotion, but they would never sell beer past the expiry date.

“You can’t say that I sell expired or fake beer just because I sell my beer at a lower price,” said Mr Liu. He then accused Ms Wu of calling the cops on them three times in a row when they’d only been in business for four days.

“Whenever the police came, there is no evidence found that we sell expired or fake beer. Perhaps the opening of my store affected her business,” said Mr Liu, implying that Ms Wu called the cops due to jealousy or to protect her store’s interest.

Mr Liu further said that even if the beer was expired, he welcomes customers to return it and exchange it for unexpired ones.

“I have been selling alcohol for over a decade, and I will never sell expired beer… I just hope that everyone will focus on their own business.”

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Accused Stall of Detaining Customers Who Complained

In response to Mr Liu’s statements, Ms Wu further accused his stall of detaining complaining customers.

She showed Shin Min Daily News a video taken on 22 January, saying that a customer found out that the beer they got from Mr Liu’s store was expired.


The store assistant detained the customer in the stall’s booth when the customer asked about it. After Ms Wu found out, she called the cops on them to “rescue” that customer.

She even retrieved the beer cans thrown away by Mr Liu’s employees as evidence of them selling expired beer.

Responding to this, Mr Liu simply denied all accusations, saying that his stall only sells bottled beer, not canned beer.

“If there were an issue, the police would have sealed our stall away. I am planning on suing [Ms Wu] for defamation.”

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News