What Your Phone Wallpaper Says About You (It’s Quite Surprising)

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Are you constantly changing your phone wallpapers? Or are you simply sticking with the default wallpaper of your phone?

Forget about horoscopes, because now, the thing to determine your characteristics is your phone wallpaper. In fact, what your phone wallpaper says about you is pretty shocking.

What if I tell you the type of picture you choose to display to the world tells us a lot about you?

Here’s what your phone background says about you.

What Your Lock Screen Says About You

Your significant other

Image: pinterest.com

So what does your wallpaper say about you?

Well, it’s sweet when you see someone with a wallpaper of his or her significant other. It’s harmless, and it’s okay.

But what does it mean when a girl puts you as her wallpaper?

Some people just tend to display their high level of affection. And then there’s some with the kissing wallpapers.

Photos of them kissing their boyfriend or girlfriend. Right at the lock screen and home screen of their phones. Wow. It just means that you’re not just sweet, but loyal as well; not just to your significant other, but to your friends as well.

Not bad, isn’t it? No wonder so many people have this as their wallpaper.

Your pet

Image: gottabemobile.com

A snapshot of your furry companion: isn’t that the cutest? Your most beloved dog or cat will be there to cheer you up whenever you need, even if that means you’re out without them.

While some of us animal lovers who can’t keep a pet, we just steal adorable animal pictures and set them as our wallpaper.

Having that as your wallpaper shows that you tend to live in a fantasy world, as looking at your world sort of bring you to another world full of furly friends. But that also means you could be highly creative as you create that world based solely on your imagination.

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Your selfie

Image: chinatopix.com

One word: narcissist. Either that, or you’ve got tons of self-confidence. We, erm, lean more towards the former.

Your vacation

Image: gottabemobile.com

Some people prefer having their vacation photos as their wallpaper. It’s claimed that this allows them to reminisce about their times when they were in Rome, Australia, or perhaps, just BKK. While some of these artistic shots are really great and ideal for a wallpaper, some are simply being forced into the cluttered, disorganized and mismatching background and app folders.

The bad news is that you could have an inferiority complex, as you tend to subtly use the vacation images to show others what a good life you’ve got. Sort of like those friends who only post images of their vacation in Facebook and hoping that people will be envious, you know?

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Picture of an aeroplane wing

Image: s8.favim.com/

Wow, the intellectual and significant photo. You’re so in love with traveling, and you’re definitely one who’ll also add a quote such as “wanderlust” on top of that photo. Are airplane wings really that artistic and fancy?


Your drunken friend

Image: wheremyhomescreen.tumblr.com

You probably drink too much, and you don’t care. You’re the one who has parties every weekend, and you don’t care what others think or say. Plus, you’re in love with your friend – when they’re drunk though.

It just gives you the most pleasure to see your drunken friend engage in a comical drama, and you need to set it as your wallpaper; either to laugh at it every time you feel depressed or when threatening your drunken friend into doing something for you. If not, your friend might have changed your wallpaper. You’ve got good friends.

Default wallpaper

Image: news.softpedia.com

Because why not? It’s clean, sort of minimalistic, and it’s great to actually be able to see everything on your phone. You’re one who is relatively easy-going, and have lots of friends due to your traits.


A deep quote

Image: lionofallah.com

But how do you even see the quotes with all the apps and notifications? On the other hand, you’re either one who needs a bit of guidance in your life, or you’re one who is trying to look smart but isn’t exactly that smart.

Your idol

Image: imgrum.net

Have a picture of your idol, like Cara Delevigne or maybe a Kpop star? You’re simply obsessed with your idol and cannot stop thinking about them. Perhaps sometimes you even fantasize about how you can meet them in real life and become actual friends with them.

A Tumblr wallpaper

Image: imgrum.net


The second most common wallpaper that most of us use, this is a high-definition photo of the beach and the sea, a photo of pretty, skinny girls or perhaps a photo of how your tattoo looks like.

Uhm, okay. That’s just like using the default wallpaper. That’s why it’s the second most common wallpaper!

What Your Screensaver Says About You

So if you’ve ever wondered what does your phone wallpaper say about you, we hope that your queries have been answered.

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This article was first published on Goodyfeed.com

Featured image: gottabemobile.com