So, What’s This Analogue TV Ending Thingy? Here’s What Your Parents Need to Know


Have you seen this commercial?

For those of you who have grown up in the comforts of television being available 24/7, you probably haven’t heard of analogue TV (I honestly didn’t before writing about this).

Analogue TV works by transmitting signals on a radio frequency. While travelling from the television station to you TV, the signals are prone to interruptions (secondary school physics).

This then causes poor images to be shown on your TV screen.

On the other hand, digital TV produces the crystal clear image that most people are looking for (just like 1080p HD on YouTube).


So why is the government advocating for digital TV?

According to Mediacorp, the world is “moving away from analogue to digital broadcasting”.

Here's Why We Might Not Need to Vote in Presidential Election 2023 After Tharman’s Announcement:

The government can also clear up some spaces on the frequency spectrum for other communication purposes.

They are doing it for the nation’s good luh, not trying to find something to do…

To allow the 25% of households that have yet to switch make the change, the government has extended the deadline. Analogue TV will stop broadcasting on 1 Jan 2019.

So this is what you get if you switch to digital:

  • Better quality pictures
  • High quality sound
  • Handy Electronic programme guides
  • Multi-language subtitles (subject to availability)

To ensure that you are digital ready, check your TV compatibility.

If your TV was bought before May 2013, it is not digital ready and you will have to purchase a DVB-T2 (Digital Video Broadcasting – Second Generation Terrestrial) set-top box.

Should you want to buy a new TV instead, look out for the digital-ready labels that look like this:

I hope you don’t waste money on a new TV, only to find out it’s not compatible…

You can read up on some FAQ about Mediacorp going digital here.

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