Man in S’pore-Registered Lexus Allegedly Assaulted Others in JB & Fled Back to S’pore


Let it be known just because you commit a crime in another country doesn’t mean you’re getting away scot-free.

The internet is a global place, and the most terrifying existences include, and are not limited to, the secret private investigators, the keyboard crusaders, antis and stans.

The Literal Hit and Run

On 31 July, a group of men that are believed to be Singaporeans got into a dispute with a few Malaysian nationals in public.

The former group is suspected to come from Singapore since the visible licence plate of the white Lexus is registered in Singapore.

It is believed that this incident happened at the business district near 8 Day Boutique Hotel at Mount Austin, Johor Bahru, though the exact timeframe is unknown.

In the video that went viral on Facebook, the man standing right at the front can be seen holding a wrench, which he swings back and forth.

At one point in the video, the Singaporean group crowd around the man and the woman threateningly, with the man in the Dior black shirt telling them, “Ask him to come down lah.”


Owing to the cacophony of voices and the videographer’s voice mixing in, it’s hard to tell what they were actually arguing about.

Although the 14-second video doesn’t capture the actual violence, Facebook user Lai Ku made a post, claiming that the Singaporean holding a wrench used his weapon to hurt someone before he fled the scene immediately.

For the same reason, he asks the internet to help him find the person’s identity, and consequently report him to the Singapore police.

Upon scrolling through the comments, it appears that the Facebook accounts of some possible suspects have been linked, and at least one of the accomplices has been accurately pinpointed. Lai Ku claims that the man is a bookie in Singapore.

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Not The First Incidence of Violence

Scarily enough, this apparently isn’t the first time the man with the wrench has lashed out violently in the Johor area.

On 2 June 2022, he was also reported by netizens on SG Road Vigilante for being violent towards a woman.

The video starts with the man—possessing the same white Lexus and corresponding licence plate number—holding the woman by the scruff of her neck. When the woman twists away, he proceeds to grab her wrist violently and shove her into the co-pilot seat of his car.

When the woman repeatedly tries to step out of the vehicle, he pushes the door back each and every time.

The back-and-forth between the two goes on for one-and-a-half minutes at least before the man pushes her into the backseat of the car instead and drives off.

After this incident went viral online, many netizens asked the Malaysian authorities and Singapore Police to investigate this matter.

Now that a second incident has popped up, more netizens are hoping that members of the public can help to identify the assailant, as it will greatly assist the police in their investigations. 

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Featured Image: Facebook (Lai Ku)

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