Wife Left Bad Reviews Online So Restaurant Sent People to Beat up Her Husband


We’re all familiar with leaving bad reviews for places that offended us.

Because of the food, the service attitude or anything else under the sun. (Yes, we’re easily offended. #GFConfessions)

Remember Lavastone, the business that decided to fight back again bad reviews?

And we were like…

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How could such establishments be so…unprofessional?

But wait till you hear about what happened to this man in China.

Man Attacked By Gangsters Because Wife Left Bad Reviews

A man in  Changsha, China (Hunan, to be precise) was beaten with clubs because his wife wrote a scathing restaurant review.

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The wife, Yu, had a little soiree with a few friends at her mahjong parlour where she ordered barbecue fare from a restaurant through an app.

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Unfortunately, she wasn’t happy with the food and claimed that it wasn’t fresh and expensive. And the worst BBQ she has ever tasted.

So she left a bad review.

Clearly, the restaurant owner was not having any of it.

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Shortly after, she got a phone call asking if she was the one who wrote the review. The wife, not having the slightest clue on what might happen next, confirmed that she was the one.

On that evening, a group of men came to her parlour and started harassing her.

Luckily, Yu’s husband was there to defend her, but no one was there to protect him when the hooligans started beating the crap out of him with clubs.

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He was rushed to the hospital and was admitted to ICU for severe brain injuries. Investigations into the case are still ongoing.

I wonder what will happen to Gordon Ramsay if he ate at that restaurant.


He probably wouldn’t make it out of the country alive.

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But clearly, the restaurant owner can’t take criticism. If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen!

Moral of the story: just follow SAF unofficial core value: do anything, don’t get caught.

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