Woman Admit To Hitting Mother & Verbally Abusing Police Officers: 6 Topics S’poreans Talked About Today (20 Apr)


You know, there’s a couple of rules that, no matter how badass you are, can never be broken.

Thou shalt not hit women (for men), thou shalt not abuse kids (for both sexes). And finally, thou shalt not hit your parents (same, both sexes) because they’ve gone through hell to bring you up.

But that’s exactly what this 33-year-old Singaporean lady, Cheryl Sng Yu Qin, did.

S’porean Woman Admit To Hitting Mother & Verbally Abusing Police Officers

Image: straitstimes.com

On 11 May 2017, the police received a distressed call from a 68-year-old man.

His daughter was quarrelling with his wife (her mother).

When the police officers arrived at their Toa Payoh north flat, Sng hit the back of her mother’s hand.

Staff Sgt Ng asked her what she was doing and Sng replied, “I am hitting my mother.”

Then she started scolding vulgarities at the officer.

When the officer asked for her personal details, she refused to give them to him and was sent to her room to cool down.

But when she heard her mother giving her personal details to the police officers, she totally lost it. She stormed out of the room and tore up the statement

On 18 Apr 2018, Sng admitted to assaulting her mother, verbally abusing police officers and obstructing them from their duties.

Her lawyer has asked for the judge to sentence her to mandatory treatment, where she’ll receive treatment for her mental condition instead of serving jail time.

This one not scared lightning strike, or that her kids will hit her back in the future geh. 


HCI: Our Own Teachers Will Not Have To Pay For Parking

Image: straitstimes.com

Before the Caltex saga, teachers having to pay for parking in their school’s parking lots made the internet news.

And by that, I mean got netizens up and marching in arms.


Just a refresher, the Government announced that schools have to charge their teachers parking fees because it is a taxable benefit.

And everyone was like, these are teachers. C’mon, they’re educating our kids, give them a break, will you.

I don’t see you paying them OT pay also even though they stay back late almost every day.

Then yesterday, Hwa Chong Institute (HCI) hit the news by announcing that they won’t be charging their teachers any parking fees.

Instead, money for the parking will be taken out of an individual professional development fund for the teachers.


In a 2-hour negotiation, the school managed to reach this compromise with the Ministry of Education (MOE) because they own the land the school sits on, and two, they hire their own teachers and so, they are not considered civil servants.

Image : Meme Generator

So you’d imagine that supporters of Teachers Don’t Need To Pay will be happy, right? After all, it’s a show of support for teachers, no matter that it’s only one school.


Still got mixed reactions from our lovely netizens.


But hey, this non-HCI teacher said it best.


TL; DR: Not my taichi. Good for you, I’m not going to wish you die together with me.

Image: memegenerator.net

Kindhearted Foreign Worker Gives Own Lunch To Needy Elderly in Commonwealth Crescent

We all know that foreign workers don’t earn much. They have to send money back, pay for food, lodgings and whatnot.

But this foreign worker, Cleaner Kalam Mohd Abu, showed us that when you give, it’s not about how much you have.

Image: straitstimes.com

It’s about how much you’re willing to give.


On 15 Apr 2018, Queenstown NPC uploaded a few pictures of Mr Kalam and several police officers.

His wife, who saw the Facebook post, thought he got into trouble with the police.

But he didn’t. Quite the opposite, in fact.

An elderly lady on the sixth floor of Commonwealth Crescent asked him for some food. Without hesitation, he went to bring his own lunch box, curry and rice which he had cooked himself the night before, and gave it to her.

The police officers noticed his kind act and wanted to give a shoutout for him.

His supervisor said that this isn’t the first time he had done something like that. He had seen the residents in the estate grow older, weaker and passed on.

He was given an official certificate of commendation by the Tanjong Pagar Town Council for his kind act.


So kudos to Mr Kalam Mohd Abu for showing us that it’s possible to give even if you have little yourself.

Maybe it’s time to look at what we can give, instead of always taking, eh? #BeingAMapoti

Former Recruitment Consultant Breaks Fellow Commuter Nose in MRT Station, Was Drinking Alcohol Before The Incident

Image: straitstimes.com

When it comes to public brawls, you know you can’t get away with it. Especially not when everyone is equipped with a smartphone nowadays.

Just check out our app, whereby we publish a viral video every day.

Briton Benjamin John Holman, a former recruitment consultant, admitted to assaulting another man who bumped into him at an MRT station during evening peak hour.

He had been drinking alcohol before the incident.

Mr Jason Ow Zhi Min knocked into him at Raffles Place MRT station on 3 Feb 2017.

Initially, they shouted at each other, but got into a fistfight shortly after.

Benjamin punched the victim several times in the face and had to be stopped by bystanders.

When he tried to leave the scene, he was stopped and the police were called in.

He will be back in court on 11 May for sentencing. The prosecution had asked for a jail term of at least eight months while his lawyer pleaded for a jail term of four weeks, or a fine.

He said that his client just got married in February.

SPF Looking For Ang Mo Kio “Hit-And-Run” E-Scooter Rider

On 17 Apr, we wrote about this hit-and-run incident at Ang Mo Kio.

Image: straitstimes.com
Here’s a short refresher:

A man wearing a black helmet, black long-sleeved shirt, knee-length denim pants, slippers and carrying a black and red haversack knocked down an elderly woman at Ang Mo Kio.

The incident happened near the lift lobby Block 538 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 at around 5.30pm.

Instead of stopping to render assistance, he rode off quickly despite being held back by the lady.

The elderly woman’s husband attempted to give chase but couldn’t catch him.

A group of 5 students nearby came forward to render their assistance.

The SPF is asking for information on the man. They’re looking to bring him in to assist in the investigations.

Do you have any information about him? You can inform them via the police hotline, 1800-255-0000, or submit the information online via www.police.gov.sg/iwitness.

Will the internet manage to CSI him out?

Man Allegedly Stole E-Scooter & Sold It To Passers-by, Got Caught By Said Passers-by Instead

Here’s the cardinal rule of stealing: sell the stolen goods as fast as possible. Either that or wait till the whole incident blow over before selling it.

Allegedly, this 32-year-old man tried to do the former.

Image: straitstimes.com

On 19 Apr, it was reported that a man approached two passers-by and tried to sell them his e-scooter.

The man looked like he was desperate for money, so 42-year-old Muhd Sairi decided to buy it off him for $80.

But half an hour later, the pair saw a post in the Facebook group, BWSS, that the e-scooter was a stolen good.

The description of the thief matched the man who sold them the e-scooter, and it looked exactly like the lost e-scooter in the post.

At around 5.40 am, they saw the same man again and chased him down on said e-scooter.

They also notified the original owner and got him to come down to the area.

The police confirmed that they’ve received a call about a case of theft at Geylang Lorong 10 and a 32-year-old suspect was arrested.

Investigations are ongoing.

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