Woman Allegedly Forced 11 year-old Girl’s Face into Hot Oil Coz She Didn’t Want to Fry Snacks


In late September, a young 11-year-old girl had sustained severe burns to her face.

The cause?.

It’s revealed to be hot oil.

To complicate things further, the sole suspect in the case is none other than her own step-grandmother.

After the terrifying incident occured on 29 September, the young Indonesian girl, known only as RH, was rushed to the nearest hospital in Bandung.

What exactly happened?

The incident had taken place at their home, where RH’s step-grandmother had asked her to fry snacks for the family that day.

RH said that she wanted to rest because she was having a headache.

This angered the woman, who then allegedly hauled the girl into the kitchen and pushed her face into a pot of hot cooking oil.

She was given an ointment

The girl’s father apparently lives apart from her, and as a result only found out about RH’s injuries the next day, after she received first aid.

“She received first aid after her grandfather took her to Gunung Halu Hospital, but she was only given an ointment then. The doctor said she would be fine,”  RH’s father told Rappler on 10th October.

As soon as he was aware of it, he took her to another hospital for proper medical treatment. He subsequently made a police report against RH’s step-grandmother.


“My daughter did not recall anything (after that), she was on the bed (when she regained consciousness).”

It was an accident

The girl’s step-grandmother has since spoken out, and insists that the incident was purely an accident.

According to her, she had been frying snacks when RH had walked into the kitchen. The girl volunteered to fry the snacks, and so the woman left her to it, and prepared to cook another dish.

“After frying 11 pieces she complained of a headache. I told her to rest. When I returned to the kitchen, she had already fallen on the floor,” the girl’s step-grandmother told local media.

The woman added that she found RH lying on the floor, where the cooking oil had allegedly escaped the wok.

Authorities are currently investigating the case, but they have yet to discover any conclusive findings.

“My daughter is a quiet girl. The neighbours said that she was often beaten, and she rarely goes to school because her step-grandmother often forces RH to help her,” RH’s father said.

RH’s step-grandmother has since denied the accusations.

As for the victim, the 11-year-old will reportedly be having a facial operation in two days.

We earnestly hope that the girl will make a full recovery, and that authorities take appropriate action.


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