Woman Binge-Watched Yanxi Palace for 7 Days & Got Eye Stroke

By now, even the aliens living in Mars would have known about Yanxi Palace.

Lest you live in Jupiter and have no idea what it’s about, here’s a quick refresher: known as Story of Yanxi Palace, it’s an insanely popular China TV series adapted from a novel. Aired from 7 July 2018 to 4 October 2018, it gave a new definition to binge-watching:

Just think of it as House of Cards, China-style.

Pluck any fellow from Orchard Road and chances are, he or she has watched it. Yes, it’s that popular.

If you’re still not convinced, read this article and you might just binge-watch the 70 episodes in a week.

Well, maybe not. Because someone did that and it didn’t have a happy ending.

Not the show, but the person.

Lady in China decided to take a long weekend to binge-watch Yanxi Palace

Well, nothing wrong with that. We’ve all caught up on a binge-worthy series every now and then, because Netflix told us so.

But this lady took it to a whole new level.

Starting from 1 October, she started streaming the show on her notebook and took very little rest in-between.

Here’s the maths: Yanxi Palace has got 70 episodes, and with each episode lasting about 45 minutes, it’d have taken a person about 52.5 hours to watch the entire series.

There are 168 hours in seven days. If she slept 8 hours a day, she would have 112 waking hours.

In other words, she’s spent almost half of her waking hours watching the show. And we’ve yet to factor in meals, showers and whatnot.

7 Days Later, Yanxi Palace Became Mei Yan (no eye in Mandarin) Palace

On 7 October 2018, she had already started to develop blurry vision on her left eye. But like any marathon binge-watcher, she persisted and the next day, shit hit the fan.

Her left eye’s vision got so bad, she could only see shadows. After consulting a doctor, it’s revealed that she had anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (AION), or commonly known as an eye stroke.

Just like a normal stroke, it’s a condition whereby blood flow to the optic nerve is blocked by a blood clot or reduced.

According to reports, the strain of facing a computer or notebook for a considerable amount of time, and coupled with the cold weather, caused the condition. Thankfully she had sought medical advice early and therefore chances for a fully recovery is high.

However, Causes of Eye Strokes Haven’t Been Completely Confirmed

The reason for eye strokes is clear, but why it occurs is still unclear. However, certain health conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes can increase a person’s risk.

The lady’s health condition is unknown, but here’s a lesson for you.

Or two, to be exact.

  1. Don’t binge-watch so much. Go get a life.
  2. Keep yourself healthy so you’ll have less risk of an eye stroke (coz you die die must binge-watch the latest season of House of Cards this weekend)

If you need to rest your eyes, just take a nap or look at something far. That’ll help a little, thought the best preventive measure is to go exercise lah.

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