Woman Demand GrabHitch Driver to Pay Her $50 for Being Late for Work

GrabHitch can be a very convenient way for your daily commute. The concept is quite simple. Just use Grab and find a suitable driver for your preferred timing, and you can carpool your way to work.

The GrabHitch Saga

Unfortunately, this particular GrabHitch driver encountered quite an unreasonable passenger. The driver had posted screenshots of their conversation on WhatsApp online and had the following to say.

Image: hardwarezone.com.sg

“I Grabhitch on the way to and back from work sometimes to help the environment out while getting a bit of spare change for my gas and ERP.

– Picked up this golden nugget of a lady the other day, informed her that I’d be picking another person up and she agreed.

– Upon reaching her destination, she was due to pay by cash, but she only had a $50 and I didn’t have change. Seeing as she seemed to be in a rush, I offered to message her my bank account number for her to transfer later.

– One or two days passed, she told me she would do it “later” or the “next day”

– now 5 days later, she suddenly turns around and says she was late for her work, FINED $50, and ask ME TO PAY HER $38 INSTEAD.

So I told her this:

I don’t know what logic you have in that brain of yours but:

– the issue now is that you’ve taken a ride on Grab and don’t want to pay for it. You getting fined is your issue, not mine.

– I had pre-informed you I was picking someone else up along the way and you agreed.

– if you’re in a rush, don’t be cheapo and get Grabhitch or Uberpool, just book a Grabcar.

– Seeing as YOU were rushing, when you offered to run to 7-11 to get some change to pay me, I said its ok just bank transfer me. I have the recording of this thru my car cam.

– now you turn around and use my goodwill of not collecting money from you on the spot, blame me for your own tardiness and lack of time management, and don’t want to pay for a service rendered?

In your same stupid logic, you are saying:

– if a bus or train makes u late u also don’t want to pay

– taxi uncle make u late u won’t pay also?

You realise, however stupidly you are doing it, what you’re doing is illegal right?

You want to get in trouble over $12? Lol. I’m giving u one last chance”

If what the driver said was true, and the lady did indeed agree to all the things mentioned, it does seem as though the lady was trying to wiggle out of paying a small fare of $12 for carpooling to work.

It seems rather unreasonable to demand compensation from the GrabHitch driver for being late, as that can hardly be blamed on the driver. But of course, we’re just hearing one side of the story.

Illogical to blame drivers for tardiness

As some forum-goers have said, it is entirely illogical, as one does not simply ask for compensation if one was late due to public transport. If you were late, it just means you didn’t wake up early enough or didn’t leave enough time to travel.

Well, to be fair, the lady did say she was going to pay the money after CNY. It’s only two weeks from when she first assured the driver. Everybody knows you’re supposed to give a two-week grace period from the day you’re supposed to receive the money you’re owed.

At the very least, if the woman doesn’t return it before CNY, she’s probably going to owe people money for the rest of the year. Not very wise on her part.

For you readers out there who regularly make use of GrabHitch, please take note not to pull ridiculous stunts like this. It makes things very difficult for the driver, and you might get ‘famous’ on social media to boot. Entirely not worth the $12!

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