Woman Murders Housemate & Mutilates His Body After He Kills Her Cat

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To many of us, our pets are our everything. It’s possible that they’re the only ones who are there for us when we’re facing problems, especially if we live alone.

They listen to your troubles without judging you.

Well, you wouldn’t know either if they were since they can’t talk.

But still, many of us develop a very strong bond with our pets and we love them very much.

So what happens when our pet gets hurt?

We would obviously be angry, right?

But will we kill the person who hurt our pet? 

That’s a bit hard to say.

I’m sure many people would visualise themselves doing that but would hold themselves back.

But things weren’t like that when a 41-year-old lady by the name of Anastasia in St Petersburg, Russia found out that her 39-year-old housemate killed her cat.

She decided that he had to pay for his sins, and the only way for him to do that was to pay with his blood.

Image: Youtube

What Happened

She hammered him to death and proceeded to mutilate his body, cutting him up into pieces and stuffing them into four black plastic bags.

She then calmly carried those bags onto a bus and travelled to the outskirts of her town before burning them and burying the remains.

Image: Giphy

Umm… That honestly sounds pretty scary to me.


Later, an unfortunate passer-by was walking his dog near the area and they discover the remains. He immediately reported the incident to the police.

Image: Daily Mail

According to the police, leg bones, the ribs, shoulders and some skin were among the body parts that were found in the four black plastic bags.

Image: Daily Mail

According to a police representative, the suspect hammered the victim in the head a few times before kicking him and cutting him up into pieces. The suspect is now held in custody for investigation of murder.

Well, I think it’s pretty clear that you should never ever mess with someone else’s pet.

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We don’t know what may have gone through her head, but perhaps the emotional trauma and hurt she suffered from finding out that her housemate simply killed her cat was too much for her to bear, that she snapped and decided that he had to be killed too.

But of course, whenever you find yourself in situations where you’re really angry, try to calm down first or at least isolate yourself so that you can attempt to control your emotions. Otherwise, you may end up doing things you may regret later.

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