19YO M’sian Wife Buys a Lamborghini for Her Husband As He’ll Become a Father Soon


Has your partner ever bought you gifts?

This Malaysian wife took buying gifts to the next level, as she bought a Lamborghini for her husband.

The reason? Because of the sleepless nights he’ll have to suffer once she gives birth. Here are the details.

Pre-Reward for 100 Day Confinement

A successful cosmetics entrepreneur, Anes Ayuni Osman from Kelantan, has bought a Lamborghini at 19 years old.

But the car isn’t for herself. Instead, the RM2 million turquoise Huracan Evo is for her husband, as a pre-reward for her 100-day confinement.

The soon-to-be-mother told Malaysian news outlet mStar that she bought this Lamborghini because her husband would not be able to go anywhere once the baby is born. He would have to stay by her side throughout the 100-day confinement in her family’s place in the kampung.

Her husband would have to care for the baby all day and night, especially since Ms Ayuni would probably have a C-section.

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Night-Owl Nature Might Take Toll on Husband

Ms Ayuni also said that she thinks taking care of the baby would take a heavy toll on her husband.

She mentioned that he is a night-owl by nature, who always stays up to work on marketing because he thinks better at night.

Honestly, I’m sure many of us relate. Our brains just somehow work better at night. 

However, if he stays up all night and sleeps in the morning, he’ll still have to wake up in the day to take care of the baby. Being the caring wife she is, she’s worried that her husband would get tired.

Well, a Lamborghini is certainly enough to keep her husband motivated throughout the 100 days. A happy and healthy child is priceless, after all.

You can watch her TikTok about this here.

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Featured Image: TikTok (ayuniso24)