Woman So Tired, She Shallowed an Entire Toothbrush While Brushing Her Teeth in the Morning

Most sleepyheads go through their morning routine in a daze and the process is as uneventful and mundane as it can get.

But not for one woman, whose daily morning routine will now trigger a horrifying memory.

Swallowed Toothbrush

According to CTS Taiwan, a Taiwanese woman from Pingtung, accidentally swallowed an 18cm toothbrush while brushing her teeth at a wrong angle.

Image: CTS Taiwan

How on earth did this happen?

Apparently, fatigue got the best of the woman who was “very tired from the previous day and was in a rush to go to work”.

If you find the situation still very much unbelievable, what comes next will shock you further.

Still Went to Work for Seven Hours

Despite the obvious discomfort from swallowing a whole toothbrush, the woman still went to work and only made a trip to the hospital after knocking off seven hours later.

What the heck?

When the woman explained what had happened to her doctor, Cai Yuanrong, he was as shocked as you are.

“I asked her if she was sure that it was an 18cm [toothbrush] and she said yes,” he recounted with an incredulous tone.

People who were interviewed also wondered how the woman had gone about her day for so long as her throat would have been very “uncomfortable” and made her feel like vomiting.

The toothbrush didn’t show up on an x-ray, but an endoscopy showed that it was lodged in her oesophagus and that the tissue around it was inflamed.

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Removing Toothbrush

Fortunately, surgery was not required and Cai managed to remove the toothbrush with an endoscopic retrieval device.

He cautioned that leaving the toothbrush in the woman’s body would have been very dangerous.

If it had gotten lodged in her intestines, it would cause an obstruction, which could possibly lead to her intestines rupturing. Yikes. 

Cai also shared that the woman was “very grateful” to him as he proved that she “wasn’t talking nonsense” when she told others about what had happened.

You can watch the full interview here, though you would need to understand Mandarin as there are no subtitles:

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Featured Image: CTS Taiwan