43YO Woman Who Spat at KFC Employee Sentenced to 9 Months’ Probation


Spitting at someone used to be an act of aggression. Now, it’s both an act of aggression and a public health hazard.

In other words, don’t spit at someone. Especially not in a restaurant where you might also spoil someone’s food. You know, someone who’s done nothing and just wants to eat some fried chicken in peace.

Unfortunately, Lin Si Ting, 43, did just that, and was sentenced to nine months’ probation today (24 May) according to The Straits Times.

Woman Spat at KFC Employee for Slow Order

The incident occurred at about 12:40pm on 22 April last year, when Lin placed an order at the Nex KFC outlet. 

However, when her order had not arrived after six minutes, she made her way back to the counter and yelled at the service manager, asking why the order was taking so long and asserting that the food needed to be immediately served.

You know, because the best way to expedite your order is to distract the service staff with meaningless scoldings instead of letting them do their work in peace.

The employee apologised and attempted to explain that orders placed before hers needed to be served first. 

She asked Lin to wait about five more minutes, but Lin was unwilling to wait a moment longer. She demanded a refund if she was not immediately served, which the employee agreed to and asked for the receipt.

Lin then hurled the receipt at the employee, and pulled down her mask to bombard her with a profusion of expletives.

Come on, now you are violating not just social decency, but also COVID-19 regulations. During the circuit breaker.

Amid the harsh words include the sentence: “Wait for you to die, wait for your whole family to die.”

That’s just a bit extreme, huh?

She proceeded to spit on the employee, before walking off with her cash. 

I can’t believe the employee kept her cool all this time. She should get both a free COVID-19 swab test and an Employee of the Month award.

Lin, however, soon returned and insisted that the amount she was refunded was not correct. I mean, after you do all of that… getting less than what you paid is sorta expected.

However, our (rightful) Employee of the Month verified that the refunded amount was, in fact, correct.


Lin shouted at the employee again, and left before the police could tend to the scene.

Lin pleaded guilty in January to one count of harassment and one count of using criminal force, and was sentenced to nine months of probation in consideration of her schizophrenia, for which she is being treated.

She could have been jailed for up to six months and fined up to S$5,000 for harassment, or jailed up to three months with a fine not exceeding S$1,500 for using criminal force on the employee.

Feature Image: YouTube (The Star)