Woman Snuck Baby Into Plane By Putting It Into A Bag, Charged With Human Trafficking

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Bags are meant for carrying inanimate objects, and that’s a given.

Save the few cases where pet owners put their furry charges in their knapsack/backpack/haversack with their cute heads sticking out the top to carry them around.

Image: Giphy

I doubt you would ever consider putting a dog in a handbag, right?

What about sneaking a six-month-old baby through airport customs inside a sling bag?

I’m sure none of us here have ever carried someone in such an undignified a manner.

The Foiled “Kidnap” Plan

Jennifer Erin Talbot, 43, an American woman, managed to pass through Manila’s Ninoy Aquino Airport on Sep 4 with a six-month-old baby in her sling bag.

She did not declare the infant to the immigration authorities.

Her “kidnap” plan would have been perfect, if not for Delta Airlines’ employees stopping her at the boarding gate. They were surprised to hear the baby in the bag.

Image: Giphy

Boys and girls, let me break off at this point to remind you of idioms: “Let the cat out of the bag”, “you are the baby the stock brought”, and “_______  the baby in the bag” 

Insert the appropriate verb.

Anyway, Talbot showed the authorities an affidavit allegedly from the boy’s mother giving her permission to ferry the baby to the US. However, the document was not signed. No government travel approval had been issued for the baby to travel as well.

In other words, an empty cheque.

The baby, believed to be Filipino and in good health, will be taken to the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

Meanwhile, Filipino officials continue their search for the boy’s parents, who have been charged under a child protection law.


The Relationship Between Talbot and the Child’s Mother

They. Are. Strangers. Apparently.

The Philippine Star reported that the boy’s mother purportedly told DSWD she wanted adoption for her boy, so she “browsed the Internet and stumbled upon Talbot”.

Meanwhile, Talbot’s plan was severely foiled, and she has been charged for violating the Anti-Trafficking in Person’s Act.

I’m not exactly celebrating her misfortune. After all, who would in good conscience obe-quack another’s plight? I’m no sadist.

Image: Giphy

The lesson here is, unless you’re a stock, do not bring a baby in a bag around.
You might get charged for it.

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