Women Allegedly Got Girl to Steal Cigarette; Shameful Act Caught on CCTV


Stealing? It’s a crime, but not as bad as what this woman allegedly did. She got a little girl to steal for her, and it was all captured on CCTV.

Here’s what happened.

Woman Allegedly Brought 4-Year-Old Girl to Convenience Store, Asked Her to Steal Cigarettes

It was reported that on 16 Mar 2017, a woman allegedly brought a four-year-old girl into a convenience shop at Blk 121 Bedok Reservoir Road. 

A CCTV footage captured her walking into the shop with the girl. She knelt down to talk with the girl, pointing towards the exit before proceeding to the counter.

Image: zaobao.com.sg

She passed the pack of cigarettes to the little girl who ran towards the exit before proceeding to pay.

She then took out a credit card which could not be used, the shopkeeper recalled.

Caught But Refused To Admit to Stealing

Then, she ran out of the stall, telling the shopkeeper that she needed to draw money from the ATM. The shopkeeper managed to stop her from leaving and got her to return to the shop with him. 

Image: zaobao.com.sg

The woman brazenly denied stealing anything, even going as far as emptying her bag to prove her innocence.

She challenged the shopkeeper, telling him to find the stolen pack among her items. 

Unfortunately for her, the CCTV within the shop captured everything on film, including the moment she passed the cigarette pack to the little girl.

Getting a girl to hold that cigarette pack is bad enough. Getting her to steal is more than just sinful, man.

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Feature Image: zaobao.com.sg

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