There’s a Hidden All-Day Food Street Beside Woodlands MRT Station With Some Unique Food Stalls


Walking out of a pasar malam without something in your stomach is akin to watching a Marvel movie without a superhero.

Chances are, you go to a pasar malam for its food.

So why not have a pasar malam that’s all about food?

Well, there’s one.

There’s a Hidden All-Day ‘Food Street’ Beside Woodlands MRT Station With Some Unique Food Stalls

There’s a “Food Street” just beside Woodlands MRT Station.

Now, do note that it’s not the large empty field beside Causeway Point; instead, it’s the field that’s opposite the MRT station instead.

The entire pasar malam comprises just two areas: a food street and a claw-machine area.


The food street has the usual stalls that you would be familiar with:

But there are some stalls that are less common:

Most of the stalls are open during the day.

Beside the food street, there’s also an area with merely claw machines.

According to one of the vendors, the unique pasar malam will end on 4 September 2022.

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