Everything About the Wrong Deductions of 20,000 EZ-Link Cards on 7 June 2022


Last Updated on 2022-06-20 , 5:53 pm

On 7 Jun 2022, 20,000 people in Singapore ran into a problem with their transport cards; wrong deductions were made from their account.

According to EZ-Link, the payment system they were using had a technical issue.

It was added that by 9 Jun 2022, 99% of affected customers were fully-refunded.

Unfortunately, the remaining affected customers faced some delays as there were some issues with their EZ-Link cards.

Turning Back To Manual Top-Ups

For the affected 20,000 customers, some of them are turned off at the error and said they’ll switch back to manual top-ups.

Mrs Nararat Nura Saisood, an arts enrichment instructor, said she was forced to take a private-car hire after her EZ-Link card cannot be used.


“The incident caused me a lot of inconvenience, and I’m afraid to use any online top-up system now.”

Mrs Nararat Nura Saisood

According to SMRT, they’re taking steps to improve the SimplyGo processing system so that such situations will not occur again.

If you’re similarly concerned about such things happening to you, a good way would be to carry an EZ-Link card with loaded value around as a spare.

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