Former Mediacorp Actress Ya Hui Shares How She Considered Working as a Barista After Leaving Mediacorp


Last Updated on 2023-06-07 , 4:18 pm

If you are a fan of local television shows, you probably have seen actress Ya Hui on screen more than once.

The former Mediacorp actress was in the news when she announced her departure from Mediacorp earlier this year in February. Ya Hui had been with Mediacorp for about 15 years.

She also made the news by saying that her love luck improved after she quit her job.

Now, she has made the news again for sharing about the jobs she considered doing after she left the care of Mediacorp.

Here is what she said.

Ya Hui Considered Being a Barista After Quitting Her Mediacorp Job

Whether you are a famous actress like Ya Hui or a normal office worker, changing jobs can be a scary moment in one’s life. Leaving the security and stability of a well-paying job takes some getting used to.

For Ya Hui, this transitional period in her life led her to explore different career options, including one in the food and beverage industry.

Appearing as a guest on the podcast Kunversations, led by local radio DJ Kenneth Chung, Ya Hui shared how she explored being a “barista” as a possible career option.

This was during the time the popular actress was contemplating whether to leave her comfortable job at Mediacorp.

She shared that she was so serious about the potential to pursue this opportunity that she even made enquires at cafes to “ask about their monthly salary”.


According to the actress, she wanted to be a “regular staff member” after leaving Mediacorp.

Her search for jobs did not stop there. Ya Hui also revealed during the podcast that she started to ask about the current job market as she thought being a freelancer was “too unstable”.

Unfortunately, it does not seem that the fans will be able to catch at glimpse of the actress working at a cafe anytime soon. The actress did not reveal that she would be pursuing a job as a barista as the next step in her career.

What a shame.

Ya Hui Dishes Out Sagely Advice About Life

For those wondering how an actress can give up the glitz and glamour of the entertainment business and “settle” for a less fancy job, the answer may lie in Ya Hui’s down-to-earth personality.

During the podcast, she shared more about her personality, describing herself as someone “okay with working in a cafe” as she did not feel the pressure to “maintain a certain status”.

Building on her point about being practical, she sagely opined that one should be able to eat humble pie. To her, being able to “let go of your ego” is crucial, especially in dire situations such as when you lose your job.

This applied to everyone, even if they were pulling in big bucks along the lines of $10,000 a month.

If not, Ya Hui says, the person may “fall into depression” because they are “not willing to try something different and earn less”. To her, being able to “let go” means that you can lead a better life.

Well, that’s a life lesson for all of us right there.


Such sage advice appears to be in line with Ya Hui’s regular personality as she had previously shared on her Instagram account some breathing tips for her followers to live well.


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Ya Hui Also Talked About Her TikTok Account Being Hacked

While Ya Hui may seem calm and unbothered by earthly desires and money, she is not immune from emotional upheavals.

The actress shared that she wanted to “cry” after she learnt that her TikTok account was hacked. The hackers had deleted over 100 of her videos. Only a measly four videos remained after the malicious attack.

As to the reason for such low feelings, Ya Hui shared with Lianhe Zaobao that it takes “a lot of time” to create those “nonsensical videos”.

The feeling of having all her hard work go down the drain must really be draining.


Apart from having to grapple with her lost content and rebuilding the posts on her account, the actress also had to manage the scammers who were impersonating her.

Some of the scammers had tried to ask for money from Ya Hui’s fans.

The actress shared that she had fallen victim to a phishing scam and clicked on a suspicious link which was supposedly from “SingPost”. This was apparently linked to a parcel from “Shopee”.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be a malicious link, and Ya Hui had keyed in her confidential information before she came to her senses. The details the actress had revealed included her private credit card information.

Thankfully, Ya Hui acted quickly and had her credit card cancelled within five minutes of the scam.


However, while she managed to escape financial losses, it seems that the incident may have opened the gates to her TikTok account being hacked.

Ya Hui also worries that her fans would fall prey to these scammers as they take pity on her for quitting her job at Mediacorp. They could believe the scammers that the actress is in need of money and send money to these ill-intentioned individuals.

Having been through the mill of phishing scams, Ya Hui cautions her fans and others to be vigilant when it comes to protecting themselves against scammers.