Charles Yeo Steps Aside as RP Chairman & Claims SPF ‘Twists His Words’


Charles Yeo has stepped aside as RP chairman, and responded to the SPF’s statement with another Facebook post.

For the uninitiated, you can first read about how and why Charles Yeo got arrested and then how the SPF responded to his Facebook live allegations.

Is your memory refreshed? Now, get ready for the latest update, because this drama is definitely not dying down anytime soon.

Stepped Aside As Chairman Until This is Resolved

On 16 January, The Reform Party (RP)’s Central Executive Committee (CEC) stated that Yeo will step aside as chair until this legal matter is resolved.

Yasmin Valentina has been appointed as RP’s Acting Chair.

RP’s CEC also stated that Yeo claims that the arrest stemmed from a complaint by Joseph Chen. Chen was apparently “presented as a potential candidate in 2015 but was found not suitable”.

In the lead up to the 2020 General Elections, Chen allegedly bombarded the RP Secretary-General Kenneth Jeyaretnam with “unpleasant and unwanted communications”.

If Yeo and the RP’s claims are true, it would seem that Chen has been attacking not just Yeo personally, but the RP as well.

Yeo Provides More Details On Alleged Police Unprofessionalism During Arrest

Yeo definitely knows to substantiate his claims, pulling out some very detailed memories.

His recent Facebook post outlined more details on how the police officers from the Commercial Affairs Department were unprofessional during his arrest.

The police arrived at his door at around 7:15am, when Yeo only had four hours of sleep. His request to reschedule his interview was also rejected, unlike his previous experiences with the police.

Yeo also alleged that force was used on him to lock him up for 15 hours.

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“SPF and State Media, Do Not Twist My Words”

Yeo wants to clarify that his statement about the seizure of his phone and SIM card being “unusual” does not relate to the professionalism of the police.

He stated that while it is standard for police investigations to seize his phone, “only relevant items can be seized”.

He further clarified the status of “relevant items” by saying that the phone was purchased in July 2021, months after the alleged offences. The offences were claimed to have occurred between November 2020 and April 2021.


So, why did the police take his phone and SIM card if it wasn’t relevant? Yeo believes that they were seized to check the identities and intimidate his sociopolitical supporters.

Well, the police have already said that the investigations were not politically motivated. We’ll have to wait for the next statement to see which party can substantiate their claims better.

Yeo also accused two policemen who allegedly acted unprofessionally by not identifying themselves, while the third officer was clarified to be professional in his arrest.

You can read Yeo’s Facebook post in full here:


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