SPF Responds to Charles Yeo’s Allegations That His Arrest is Politically Motivated


The Reform Party’s chairman Charles Yeo was arrested on 12 January on charges of Criminal Breach of Trust and for forgery.

The police stated that they reject Yeo’s claims that his arrest was politically motivated.

Here’s what happened.

Arrested for Criminal Breach of Trust, Forgery, and Embezzlement

Charles Yeo is the chairman of the Reform Party. He was also part of the team that lost to the PAP team that Prime Minister Lee led in the Ang Mo Kio GRC last elections.

If you still don’t know who he is, you might remember him from the viral clips of his pretty bad speech in Mandarin.

Now that you know who he is, why was he arrested?

Well, Yeo is accused of Aggravated Criminal Breach of Trust (CBT) under Section 409 of the Penal Code.

Section 409 has the most severe punishments amongst the CBT crimes. It is usually for when a public servant, merchant, fiduciary, or lawyer (which Yeo is) commits the crime.

Offenders can face jail time of up to 20 years and a fine if they’re found guilty.

Yeo is also under investigation for forgery and embezzlement.

In his response, Yeo stated that he is innocent, and said that these allegations were all linked to his work as a lawyer for Whitefield Law Corporation.

He had a Facebook live stream explaining everything, so if you want to know the details and how Joseph Chen is involved, click here.

Yeo Claims that Investigations Are Politically Motivated; SPF Responds

Yeo, in his 13 January Facebook live, claims that he has been involved in innumerable investigations in 2020 and 2021.

He also claims that this entire case is politically charged and instigated by the PAP, who allegedly wants him to be in jail as Yeo has always been a very vocal opposition member.

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) responded to his Facebook live in a statement on 15 January. First of all, they confirmed that investigations against Whitefield Law Corporation was ongoing. Yeo, together with someone not identified by the police, was confirmed to be arrested on 13 January.

However, they rejected Yeo’s claims that the investigation is politically motivated. They also affirmed that no allegations were made up for political reasons.


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Instead, Yeo was arrested due to police reports that were made against the law firm. The police stated that they have received more than four reports on alleged forgery and CBT, from different clients of the firm.

In response to Yeo’s claims that it was unusual that his phone and SIM card was seized, SPF said that it was done for the purpose of forensic examination. It was all done accordingly with the Criminal Procedure Code.

Well, it seems like the SPF has refuted most of Yeo’s allegations about them during his Facebook live. This still leaves the allegations against Joseph Chen unaddressed, though.

If you would like to donate to help Yeo raise funds so that he can hire a lawyer to defend him, you can click here for the details.

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