Yesterday’s Haze Isn’t the Start of the Haze Season: 6 Topics S’poreans Are Talking About Today (12 Apr)

Always argue with your friends over which area is the best to live at in Singapore? Or maybe you’re a couple planning to get married, but don’t know which part of Singapore to live in.

What if I tell you that there’s a map in Singapore that shows you where is the most accessible place to stay at?

And feel the satisfaction of seeing a serial road bully get jail time and disqualified for driving.

Here are 6 topics of the day that’ll make you angry, mad and pacified all at the same time.

S’pore Experienced Haze Yesterday, But This Time, It’s From Johor

If you happen to see any haze in the air yesterday, you’re not imagining things.


It really happened.

But it doesn’t mean a return of haze season. Hopefully.

On 11 Apr, NEA announced that they’ve detected a hotspot in the southeastern part of Johor.

The haze over the eastern part of Singapore reduced after a shift in prevailing started blowing the haze to the sea areas in the southeast of Singapore.

On 12 Apr (today), thundery showers are expected in the afternoon and winds are forecasted to blow from the east.

The 1-hr PM2.5 concentration readings are expected to stay in the normal range.

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As of 8 am, the 24-hr PSI remains in the Moderate range.

So no, don’t need to buy N95 masks. Yet.

Genius S’pore Map Shows You How Accessible Or Inaccessible Your Place Is

Singapore is a small island country, but even then, there’s inequality. No, this time, I’m not talking about the rich-poor thingy.

That…is a mess you don’t want to get into.

I’m talking about accessibility.

A man, Yin Shanyang, decided to create an interactive map of Singapore which shows accessibility of any place in Singapore via public transport in a visual format.

In other words, translating data and putting it into a picture so simple people like you and me can understand.


Cool, and useful for people looking to buy a house in Singapore. If you don’t own a car, you’ll want a place where it can go everywhere easily, right?

But there’s more.

Another person, Justin Zhou, decided to use the map and plot out the most accessible and inaccessible places in Singapore, and rank them accordingly.

And his findings?

Bishan is the most accessible place in Singapore for public transport.


It ranked as the top in most places you can travel to within 30 minutes, 45 minutes and an hour.

Image: Justin Zhou Facebook Note

Huh, guess you know where to BTO liao.

But then again, with the million-dollar HDB located in Bishan, you either burn a hole in your pocket for accessible or burn a hole in your pocket for travel #justsaying


Singapore Police Force (SPF) Officers Change Their Uniform For The First Time Since 1985

If you happen to see a someone on the street wearing police uniforms that look slightly different, don’t Stomp them and say they’re impersonating SPF.


Because our men and women in blue are finally changing their uniforms, the first change since 1985.

Singapore is a very hot and humid country. And if you ever served in the SAF before the new uniform came out, you’ll know how thick and hot the old uniform can get.

That’s the same situation with the SPF.

After years of testing, these officers are now wearing a uniform that’s better suited to deal with the climate in Singapore.


Made of 98% polyester and 2% spandex, the uniforms dry faster and absorb sweat better. The metal buttons are also changed into hidden plastic ones so that the officers are more comfortable when wearing body vests.

Here’s how the new uniform looks like compared to the old ones.


Same same, but different.

And by the way, SPF, good luck to the change of uniform. The logistical nightmare is real; one of my colleagues was in NS during the change of uniform, and all he said is this: “I still have a set of old uniform in my fieldpack, and some of my friends who came for ICT this year still wear the old uniform.”

S’pore Serial Road Bully Sentenced To Jail, Disqualified From Driving For 4 Years

No matter which country you’re in, you’ll have road bullies driving like their grandfather own the road.

Just like this guy.


Meet former Land Transport Authority (LTA) engineer, Ho Loong Chan. Yeah, the irony is real.

Back on 15 June 2016 at around 11 am, Ho used his car to intimidate, bully and injured a motorcyclist and his pillion rider.

Here’s a brief overview of the incident:

The motorcyclist, Mr Fazly overtook Ho on the two-lane Jurong Town Hall road. They were on separate lanes.

Ho then switched to the right lane and went overtook Mr Fazly.

Mr Fazly switched to the left lane to avoid Ho, but Ho followed after his motorcycle.

On turning into AYE, Ho drove towards Mr Fazly, causing him to almost hit a kerb. He drove in front of Mr Fazly and kept braking suddenly.

Finally, the two vehicles collide and the Mr Fazly and his pillion, Miss Siti Farina, were thrown to the ground.

Ho drove off immediately after the accident happened.

A dashboard camera captured the incident and the footage was posted online. Ho was tracked down by the police two days after the incident.

Apparently, Ho has a history of reckless and inconsiderate driving stretching all the way back to 1995.

He is currently appealing against his sentence and is out on bail of $10,000. Ho’s lawyer, Mr Peter Low, said that there was no contact between his client’s car and the motorcycle.

It was a rainy day and the motorcyclist might have wobbled and fell down.

The motorcyclist framed his client because of ‘prior unhappiness’.

You can watch the video for yourself below:

Four-Year-Old Girl Left Alone At Home, Fell From 4 Storeys To Ground Floor

Never, ever leave your kids alone at home, especially toddlers. Because you don’t know what they’ll get up to.

At best, they’d have made a huge mess out of the house. And at worst? You come back and find them seriously injured.

Like this 4-year-old girl, Sachi, in Tampines.


On 6 Apr, the girl’s grandmother went to the market to buy food and left the girl at home alone.

The windows and door of the flat were closed.

When the grandmother returned home, she saw police officers at the ground floor of the HDB block.

Thinking nothing of it, she went back home but couldn’t find Sachi and saw that the windows were opened.

She went back to the ground floor where she saw Sachi lying on the ground the police and a crowd of people.

Sachi was sent to Changi General Hospital before she was transferred to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

The girl did not hurt her head but suffered fractures to her spine and shoulder. She also had internal bleeding in both her lungs and liver.

The family is requesting for financial aid and have set up a funding page on

So far, $14,087 has been raised by 275 donors out of the $20,000 goal.

Japan Implements ‘Sayonara Tax’ For Foreigners & Locals Leaving Japan

From 7 Jan 2019, you have to pay a price for leaving Japan. Literally.

Called the Sayonara (Japanese for goodbye) tax, the Japanese government is taxing everyone leaving the country, both foreigners and locals alike.

And yes, the tax’s name is really called Sayonara Tax.


Except for toddlers aged 2 and transit passengers staying in the country for less than 24 hours, the rest of us need to pay ¥1,000 (S$12.20)

The tax is expected to generate about ¥43 billion (S$526.5 million) in revenue.

The money will be used to improve tourism-related infrastructure and services within the country.

As well as to promote Japanese tourism.

Guess you can’t leave Japan without saying goodbye anymore, huh?


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