YG Entertainment Responds to Allegations That Blackpink is Disbanding


Last Updated on 2023-09-26 , 9:49 am

Even if you’re not a K-pop stan, you’ve likely heard of the girl group Blackpink.

Recently, reports have emerged suggesting that some Blackpink members have decided to leave YG Entertainment.

Apparently, 26-year-old Rose is the only group member who renewed her contract with the agency.

YG Entertainment has since responded to the allegations.

Nothing Has Been Confirmed

Regarding the allegations, YG Entertainment released a statement stating that talks to renew the members’ contracts are currently ongoing.

They emphasised that nothing has been confirmed.

Blackpink debuted in 2016, so their seven-year contract with the company is believed to expire at the end of 2023.

YG Entertainment’s statement comes after a report by South Korean news outlet Sports Seoul.

According to the news outlet, based on unidentified entertainment industry sources, the other three quartet members decided against renewing their contracts.

28-year-old Jisoo and 26-year-old Lisa have apparently decided to sign with South Korean companies for representation.

However, foreign media outlet Star.setn also reported that there is a high chance that Lisa will be signing a new contract with a US label instead.

Additionally, Sports Seoul reported that Jisoo intends to further her acting career.

Furthermore, Lisa, who is a star in the Southeast Asian market, has reportedly accepted a lucrative contract worth millions.

However, 27-year-old Jennie’s plans remain unknown.

Over the past few months, there has been speculation that Thai-born Lisa may break away from the renowned girl group to pursue a solo career.


And I thought that was Jennie’s song.

Reuters reported that in the wake of Sports Seoul’s report, shares of YG Entertainment closed down more than 13% on 21 September.

Will This Band Actually Disband?

So, if not all members renew their contracts, does this mean that Blackpink is gone forever?

Not necessarily.

On 17 September, Jennie said something striking at the group’s Born Pink World Tour encore finale concert in Seoul.


She said, “We will continue to be the Blackpink you love.”

Apparently, the group is actively exploring alternatives to continue collaborating as Blackpink.

There are talks to establish a “separated-but-together” contract for the remaining members of Blackpink.

Under the proposed contract terms, Jisoo, Jennie and Lisa plan to work together as a group for six months each year.

This arrangement means that they would have time to pursue other interests.

If you’re sceptical that such contracts actually exist, here’s a spoiler: They do.


For instance, groups like Mamamoo and Super Junior continue to make music under this arrangement.

So you can wipe away your tears now.

Rumours of Discord Among Members

While there are rumours of disharmony between Blackpink’s members, they don’t seem to be true.

In April, Jisoo was a guest on a YouTube series titled “Not Much Prepared”, where South Korean rapper Lee Young Ji asked about the rumours.

Jisoo clarified that the rumours were untrue.


She added that the group has a good laugh when they see such comments and usually treat these rumours as a joke.

After Blackpink completed their second world tour, Jisoo shared photos of the group hugging in euphoria.


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Rose also reposted the post.

On 21 September, Rose posted a vlog of her time in Sydney, Australia, where one segment showed her and Jisoo visiting a zoo and enjoying their time together.