In Yishun, a Relief Teacher Used Vulgar Language & is Not Longer Hired


Want to make a guess on where this incident has taken place? Yeap, you’ve guessed it. Now people have one more reason to talk about Yishun.

Now people have one more reason to talk about Yishun. Again. 

Relief Teacher Uses Vulgarities 

On Monday last week, a relief teacher was filmed by a student, swearing in class at a secondary school in Yishun. According to the school, the class was being “supervised by a young, untrained relief teacher”. 

The video started out with the teacher gesturing and yelling at a girl in her class. She could be heard shouting vulgarities at the student, who also raised her voice. On the other hand, other students in the class were laughing as they witnessed the shouting. 

The school has since counselled the student and the relief teacher involved, as well as advised them on the appropriate classroom behaviour. According to The Straits Times, a school spokesman had addressed both parties and they “have regretted their actions and are apologetic”. 

As you guessed it, the relief teacher is no longer engaged by the school as well.  

On Purpose? Or Perhaps… 

Here’s the thing: When you look closely at the video (below), you’ll notice that the teacher is simply repeating what the student has said to her. Did she really use vulgarities on purpose? Or was she just trying to highlight what the student has said to her?

Also, take a look at the SnapChat caption. It gives us another evidence that she is merely trying to retaliate against the student’s rude remarks. We could go on and on, but that’s not the point here. The point is, when something happens, both party is always at fault. It takes two hands to clap, eh? 

But honestly, we all wondered how could anyone be able to stand such behaviours in class? We pity the teacher who has to handle these bunch of kids. Kudos to you! 


Check Out The Video:

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