You Can Buy White Rabbit Milk Tea At Jurong East Pasar Malam From Now Till 30 September

White Rabbit Candy.

These things were a go-to snack for many back in the day. Pop a few in your mouth and soak the thick, creamy goodness into your body.

Yes, a few. Sorry mom, dad. 

This stuff was extremely addictive and definitely ruined my teeth once or twice. 

But what if I told you this classic snack can be bought not just as a candy, cake, or even ice cream? How about a nice cold milk drink

To The Pasar Malam

You read right!

Local bubble tea store Take A Bite is now selling a White Rabbit Drink at Jurong East Pasar Malam.

Everyday till September 31. EVERYDAY!

Image: Instagram

Seriously, look at how creamy it looks!

This drink is exactly as it sounds, with the core ingredient of the melted candy mixed in with regular bubble milk tea. Top it off with some brown sugar pearls and voilà; the perfect milk trap for your senses.

Yes, brown sugar. So you can take a not-so-guilty bite of the pearls.

Each drink is sold at a fairly reasonable price: without pearls it’s $3.90(small)/$4.90(large) and with pearls it’s $4.50(small)/$5.50(large).

Image: Instagram

So basically we’re out here strictly getting large. 

Go big or go home, nobody got time for small bubble milk tea.

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While this is not the first time the drink has hit the mainstream, the Pasar Malam sure makes this a whole lot more accessible.

But I’m Not Near Jurong

For those who don’t stay near Jurong East, fear not.

Take A Bite stalls are also available at Bayfront Pop-Up Market, Bayfront Plaza, every Fri 5pm-9pm and every Sat & Sun 11am-9pm till September 15​​​​​​​.

Image: giphy

16 Days fewer though. Imagine having 16 fewer days to try this.

I suggest you strap in your wallets and get running, either to Jurong East or Bayfront Plaza.

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You can find out more about Take A Bite at their Facebook Page.

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