You Can Now Buy This Kopi Takeaway Bag. No, We Mean a REAL Bag.


Creativity has just upped one level in Singapore.

We’re all familiar with this: every morning, I’ll see a few of my colleagues bringing packages of their kopi to the office.

An online shop thought that it would be a good idea to make it even more obvious. So they created this.

Oh, yeah, you’ve seen it right. They’ve turned an icon into a bag.

It’s called a “打包 takeaway Kopi” bag. And aptly so.

At $19.90, it is a reasonable price considering how expensive locally designed stuff cost in places such as Naiise (which is understandable since they’re not mass market products).

Here’s the description of the bag in their website:

“Uncle, Kopi da bao (coffee takeaway)!” In Singapore, our takeaway nanyang coffee from the local coffee shops also known as “kopitiam” is served in a plastic bag. Now we present to you our Super XL size “Da Bao” bag which you can now use to carry your daily essentials around. Takeaway simple happiness everyday!


*Each bag comes with pink and green straps! You can change it whenever you feel like it. 😀

And a straw too!! (^.^ Totally like the da bao kopi bag!)

The bag, measuring 32cm (W) x 42cm (H) x 110cm, is made of PVC.

Over in Instagram, whereby they conducted a giveaway of the bag, the responses have been crazy (by the way the giveaway is over).

You can either purchase the bag online through their website or simply head down to Suntec City Convention Hall 403 today (23 September 2017) or tomorrow (24 September 2017) from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. whereby various brands come in to sell their stuff.

I would highly suggest that you contact them before making your way there; a crystal ball just told me that it would sell out very fast.

WHENIWASFOUR, also known fondly as 小时候, is a brand that creates local lifestyle products.

And I think it’s important to show you the founders…


Because somehow, I believe we’ll be seeing more of their products.

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